Products, Courses & Programs

World-class entrepreneurial publishing, and training for speakers and seminar creation. We cater to marketers, leaders, and business owners. We are experts in income and business development, lead generation, mindset development, book publishing, and more!

Publishing Services

Instant Author Program

The ultimate publishing system. Your own Project Coordinator and our expert team, who work with you throughout the process. Everything necessary to get your book done and build a business around it. Improving credibility, generating amazing exposure and creating multiple streams of income…BEFORE your book comes out!

Author Complete Engagement System

Phenomenal DONE FOR YOU content. Marketing collateral, ebooks, workbooks, quote cards, audio files, etc. All customized and immediately ready for use as lead generators, bonus incentives, online courses, stand alone products…literally thousands of uses to generate leads, credibility and revenue.

DIY Publishing Toolkit

An entirely online program loaded with every bit of information you need to Do It Yourself. It comes with hours of video lessons, programs, templates, directions and coaching. With this course, there can be no more excuses for not getting your book done and published! The modules are simple to follow, easy to use and loaded with everything you need.

Bookology Study Course

Professional recording of our entire PABGR Bootcamp affords you the opportunity to review every lesson so you can continue your journey to becoming a published author. Re-watch this great event and pick up new nugget of information. No other publisher offers this kind of honest direction. Definitely a ‘must-have’!

Virtual Ghostwriter

Over 30,000 pre-written articles, papers, and even entire books, on the hottest topics today. We will license you to use all of this material, so you can ‘ghostwrite’ your own book in a matter of hours or days. Today’s hottest topics, great content that you can use to write your own book or create article, blog posts, etc.

iWriter Coaching Program

Our expert professional writing coach will help you to develop a better book, get it done faster with less frustration. Get unstuck and find your ‘writing voice’. Many of our authors have used the iWriter program to assist them in developing a much more powerful book with a stronger message, targeted at the right audience.

Publishing Consultation – One Hour

Work one-on-one with our expert consultant to develop your book project and garner a better understanding of the direction you need to take in order to maximize your success.

Speaker Programs

Speakers Roundtable

If you want to earn an income from speaking, this is the program for you. Learn how to achieve a 7-figure speaking income from someone who has brought in 9 figures. There is no other program in existence that provides the detail and insider secrets you need to develop a top notch speaking career. Entire program created by Gerry Robert himself. Gerry is one of the top 20 money-earning speakers on the planet. SRT includes personal mentoring by Gerry!

Science Of Seminars

Awesome live seminar will provide you with an incredible amount of content and insight into how one of the top 20 money earners in the world presents, sells from stage and creates seminars / webinars that generate thousands of attendees from around the globe. Gerry Robert is a master speaker and shares his 30+ years of experience in this incredible presentation, that is recommended for anyone who is interested in improving their stage presence and income.

Marketing and Publicity

Marketing Mastery

Information that any business can use to master their marketing and increase revenue. Imagine being able to double your business and find high-end customers that will pay more. With MM you’ll have a clear, easy to follow plan to follow, everyday.

Author Website Campaign

In today’s world everyone needs to have a web presence. An author needs to have a high quality website where they can drive leads, media and book sales. Having a professional website will improve your credibility and showcase your offerings.

Big News Media Campaign

Let us promote your book through the Big News Media Campaign. Designed to generate attention through coverage in major media outlets. Results vary, but we have seen our authors receive up to 850 major media mentions in this campaign!

Book Launch Campaign

Let our team create your book launch with a professional touch that makes you stand out as a VIP. We provide invitations, RSVP web page, media release, and much more. All designed to enhance your persona and create a once in a lifetime event that will be remembered forever.

Amazon Bestseller Campaign

Achieving Bestseller status can catapult your book, your business and your self-esteem. Our team will create a campaign and guarantee you Bestseller status. This is something you can use in your marketing, presentations, and business discussions.

Mindset and Focus

Focus Builder System

Are you a procrastinator, or someone who just has a lot on your plate and needs a way to find your focus? This system will help you get on track, and stay on track, to achieve more than you believed possible.

Captain and Crew (FREE!)

This simple tool could very well be the thing that turns your life around. In various forms, it has been used for centuries to alter people’s lives and what is attracted to them. Think big!