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James Baker, Ph.D., is an author, motivational speaker and consultant. He served for 30 years in the U.S. Navy and retired in 1993. He earned his Ph.D. in Higher Education Administration at The University of Texas in Austin, graduating magna cum laude in 1996. He now lives in the Texas Hill Country outside the small town of Liberty Hill, Texas. His life’s purpose is to serve others by teaching them to be optimistic about opportunities presented to them throughout their life’s journey. He served as President of the Austin Optimist Club in 1998. In 2016-2017, he served as the president of a national masonic organization, National Sojourners, Incorporated, promoting patriotism and Americanism. He and his wife, Kay, are major donors to the arts in Austin, Texas, contributing to both The Long Center for the Performing Arts and Paramount and State Theatre Alliance. He is a co-founder of Crystal Clear Seminars, LLC. He is a highly sought after motivational speaker who shares his wisdom on his list of “20 Ways to Make Your Life Better”. His latest project is publishing a book in which he presents concepts of optimism, allowing his readers to expand their bubble of optimism and eliminate the pessimistic vacuum of negativity sucking the life out of them.

Do you find yourself still hurting emotionally from criticism, feelings of unworthiness, uncertainty, and guilt?
Do you think your life has lost its significance and you are confused about where you go from here?
Are you employed in a dead-end job, with no hope for improvement?
Are your current relationships with the same type of negative thinkers you usually find in your life?
Is your existing corporate culture detrimental to the success of your employees and company?
This book serves as a guide for those looking to have a more optimistic mindset and outlook, benefiting from happiness, hope, and success in all areas of life. Bathe in positivity and thrive while living the best version of your life there is.


  • Eliminate past negative emotions and develop a positive state of mind.
  • No matter your age, break away from feelings of uselessness. You will see how your life still has significance and limitless opportunities.
  • Make changes in your daily approach to your employment leading to a successful career path.
  • Leave negative relationships behind you and seek positive thinkers as members of your inner-circle.
  • Change your corporate culture, so everyone looks forward to coming to work every day.


This book provides a specific guide to an optimistic life that benefits from happiness, hope, and success in all areas of your life.
  • You, too, can make things happen.
  • Learn to let go of the negativity dogging your life 24/7.
  • See yourself as the common denominator in all of your problems.
  • Learn why your perception is critical to your success.
  • Only you are responsible for the actions you take. No one can make you do anything you do not wish to do.
  • Only you can change you.
  • Learn to avoid the pitfalls you create yourself.
  • Learn the value of living a life of honesty and integrity.
  • Learn to dance the dance of optimism and never sit out of a dance in the dance hall of life.
  • Learn to replay your positive life videos and delete the negative ones.
  • Regardless of your age, the only thing holding you back from living a carefree, optimistic life is you.
  • The answer to keeping yourself on track in optimistic living is to keep working at it—success will come.