Black Card Books opened its doors at the beginning of 2012 and began growing its team in November that year. To date we have 172 team members delivering impeccable service to over 1000 authors 24/7. To serve our global base of authorpreneurs and speakers, our team of experts stretch through Europe, Canada, USA, Asia and Australia with plans to expand into more countries within the next two years.

We are currently the world’s fastest growing book publishing company by title acquisition. When all other book publishing companies are reducing their teams, we’re expanding faster than ever!


1. Publishing Consultants

Publishing Consultants are the lifeblood and backbone of Black Card Books. This position comes with a lot of international travel. From Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, South Africa, Thailand, Vietnam, India, United Kingdom, Germany, Canada, USA and many other countries, Publishing Consultants get to travel the world with Gerry Robert and his team helping our clients and seminar attendees achieve their dream of finally publishing their books. This is a sales position that requires 2-3 weekends per month. You must be good on the phones (not cold calling) and exceptional at helping clients make life-changing decisions. Being well organized and detail-oriented is critical. Most importantly, you must be 100% coachable, have an exceptionally positive attitude and be a team player. Additionally, we require a video resume. People in the past have said “I don’t know how to do a video and upload to YouTube.” If this is your case, you’re probably not right for the position. We want people who are resourceful and can figure things out. At this time we are only looking for Publishing Consultants who live in North America. For more information, please watch the video below.


The primary responsibility of our proofreaders is to copy edit non-fiction book manuscripts (motivational/business category) in English. You must have at least one year experience in proofreading book manuscripts. Familiarity with existing house styles is an advantage. If you are deadline-conscious, goal-oriented, resourceful and loves books, you may be the one! Please send an email to hr@blackcardbooks.com for more details on this opening.


Our video editors assemble recorded footage or slides into a finished project that is suitable for broadcasting and media marketing. The goal is to bring sight (images plus appropriate text) and sound together in order to tell a cohesive story. This position requires a proven working experience in video editing of at least 2 years. If you feel you are the perfect person for this job, please email hr@blackcardbooks.com for more details on this opening.


Our web development team creates, designs and prepares layouts for a variety of web-based projects including websites, e-commerce sites and multimedia. They develop and maintain intuitive, user-friendly and technically efficient web pages. If you have a keen understanding of WordPress and at least 2 years of experience in web design and development, please send us an email hr@blackcardbooks.com and we will reach out to you with our requirements.

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