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Hosted by

Ger Carriere and Edwin Zapata


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Hosted by

Ger Carriere and Edwin Zapata


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Episode 16

Frank Soonius

Meet one of the most genuine speakers you can come across. Today, we interview the Author of the book “Trapped in a Dream” and the Founder of “Dream Driver Program.” We take a DEEP DIVE into the success of his 12-week program.

Check out his book “Trapped in a Dream” and learn more about the 12-week Dream Driver Program on his official website: www.trappedinadreambook.com

Episode 15

Chris Dyson

The world of competitive sports is no joke. It’s no wonder why professional coaches make some of the best speakers and entrepreneurs. Not all fields (no pun intended) are capable of demanding every skill a successful entrepreneur needs. From leadership to team building to discipline and strategy. It’s not surprising why Chris Dyson has made his mark on and off the ice.

Join us while we skate on the edge of what makes a great Goalie Coach and how he takes people from Zero to Champion.

Chris Dyson is offering a FREE Downloadable copy of his book TARGET PRACTICE: 8 Mistakes That Ruin a Love of the Game to our listeners. Make sure you email him at info@icoachgoalies.com

Episode 14

Mark Lewis

Going to college can mean the difference between a career you want and one you fall into. Both can be good or bad. Exercising your options is the most important. Most of us have been conditioned to settle. Thanks to our guest Mark Lewis, he has been able to increase the chances of applicants looking to take their education seriously. Where others see rejection, Mark Lewis sees open doors. It’s no wonder he’s been featured in the June 2022 issue of Westchester Living and the Eastville community magazine.

Mark Lewis is the author of the book Affording And Surviving Collage: How To Apply To A Good School And Make It Through Without Going Broke.

Not sure which college to take or how to start? Be sure to check out www.educationalattainmentservices.com for more info.

Episode 13

Mary Grogan

The world has not seen such chaos in decades. Our guest Mary Grogan helps bring peace and balance to those seeking coaching in all aspects of their lives. We get deep insight into how Mary can channel the inner light we all carry to bring out the best possible.

For a FREE Coaching Session with Mary, go to:www.marygrogan.com 

Get her book from Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Cs-Global-Leadership-Journey-Potential-ebook/dp/B08NFR5MNL

Episode 12

Angela Di Paola

The founder of Goalz Lab shows us the power of living life without regret. As a leader in the field of women empowerment, she shows women how to live a life of lasting happiness and fulfillment. With so much going on in this upside down world, she takes us on a journey of how to go from zero to hero by discovering your full potential. 

For a FREE 1 hour Inner Power Coaching Session, go to her website: https://angeladipaola.carrd.co/

Episode 11

Leesa Landry

Divorce is never easy and is sometimes needed. When planning our futures we don’t usually factor in divorce as a possibility. Unfortunately, life happens and things don’t always go according to plan. What if your divorce was actually a gift in disguise?

In this episode, we explore the literal Gift of Divorce with international Coach, Speaker and Author Leesa Landry.

For the FREE Mini Book “Moving Forward after Divorce” go to: www.movingforwardafterdivorce.com

Episode 10

Kim Speed

In a world with so much internet noise, it’s more important today than ever to have a unique brand.

As a recognized Brand Visibility Expert and a Business Mentor Cheerleader, Kim Speed believes who you surround yourself with matters. She created the “Employee To Entrepreneur” Facebook Group to help Entrepreneurs get to their end goal. She is also the author of the book “Branding on a Shoestring”

Go to: www.kimspeed.lpages.co/branding-book for your FREE FREE downloadable copy.

Episode 9

Jeffrey Grinel

When it comes to acting, memorizing your lines is no joke. We get to hear from Professional Actor, Author, Speaker, and motivational rapper Jeffrey Grinel about the importance of memory and marketing yourself correctly. Not only is he known for his world best selling book but he can be recognized on the big screen as well.

Check out @jeffregrinel on Instagram or Jeffrey Grinel on Facebook Meta.

Episode 8

Kenneth Choo

Our guest today has taken the road to make amazing changes. Regardless of who you are or where you’re from, you had a mother or some type of mother figure in your life. Some good and some bad. Nonetheless, the importance of a mother’s role is crucial in our lives. Even nature and the planet we live on are referred to as “Mother Nature” and “Mother Earth”.

Our guest Kenneth Choo is not only the host of the Podcast Mompreneurs, he is also the author of the book “Mother Industrialist”. As an event producer, he makes changes online and in-person with his Women Change Maker Summit. Tune in as we dive deep into the empowerment of women and moms worldwide, with Kenneth Choo.

Go to: www.kennethchoo.co for your FREE Marketing Checklist.

Episode 7

Leila Khan

In a world that can feel upside down, it’s important to find a way to center yourself and find inner peace and mental clarity. With so much happening at once, it’s easy to get misaligned and lose your focus. Tune in and discover how five-time Author Leila Khan has been able to dominate not just book shelves. Listen to her share insights on her book, “101+ Ways to Overcome Life’s Biggest Obstacles,” which was given away at the Oscar Awards.

Go to: www.leilakhanauthor.com for your FREE downloadable copy.

Episode 6

Claudette Cain Coulas

She shares with us her journey from politics to media to speaker/coach, a true inspiration of women empowerment. She has been in politics, media, corporate, an entrepreneur and is now the author of the book “Ladies Take Your Place, Leave Your Mark Politically, Professionally and Personally”. Most people talk the talk but rarely do you get to learn from someone that has walked the walk.

Go to: www.claudettecaincoulas.com for your FREE downloadable copy.

Episode 5

Anita Petty

Any entrepreneur will tell you that the journey is an adventure. Nobody knows this better than this author in particular. In this episode, we go for a wild ride with Anita Petty as she shares with us how she escaped death, surviving cancer and serving her country. To be successful, you need to confront your inner fears. It’s no wonder Anita is such a strong presence. She has mastered the art of flipping the switch on to success and shares with us how to take the mindset from the battlefield to the corporate world.

Go to: www.theswitchcoach.com for your FREE downloadable copy.

Episode 4

Bob Maclean

Join us as we dive deep into the journey of the common symptoms most entrepreneurs go through. Bob Maclean is not only the renaissance man of 180 365 but is also the author of The E-Syndrome. Listen in as he takes us on an entrepreneur’s journey to success.

Go to: www.leveragethemessage.com for your FREE special report.

Episode 3

Dr.Naomi Dongelmans

Dr.Naomi is an expert in the field of dementia. Her unique methods have shown how others can catch early signs and help them overcome some of the obstacles. Listen in as we dive deep into her professional perspective

Go to: www.drnaomi.com for your FREE special report.

Episode 2

Renee Lopez

Renee Lopez is no stranger when it comes to competitive coaching. She has taken her competitive experience from the athletic world and bridged it into the world of business. Listen in as we dive deep and learn what it takes to be a champion

Go to www.rlopezcoaching.com for your FREE special report.

Episode 1

Vincent Cheng

Join us on the journey while we explore how Author Vincent Cheng went from meditating in a 600-year old temple to conducting orchestras, and now being an Author, Speaker and Coach! While the world has turned upside down, Vincent has been changing lives and making a difference with his 90-day technique.

Get your FREE downloadable copy AND Win a Journal on www.healthesource.com

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