Zoe Hoang


Zoe Hoang is an inspiring life strategist with the ultimate goal to empower marvelous young adults to lead their boats and master their lives — whatever that means to them. Having gone through a critical personal transformation in 2012, she now believes that with the right mindset and good strategies, anyone can live the life they desire, and that no one should settle for less than they deserve.

Zoe has been fortunate; she had a happy life with a peaceful childhood and a supportive family. She was doing fine and had no complaints. Yet there was always this tickling feeling, telling her there should be something more.

Life was good, but Zoe had a feeling a greater life was waiting for her — something even beyond owning a million bucks or having fame or anything in between. She began to understand that what she was longing for was not a life of Acceptance, but of Passion — one filled with energy, harmony, and enthusiasm. One in which she could open her eyes every morning and experience gratitude, satisfaction, and feel calm every night as she drifted off to sleep. She began to seek a life of empowerment!

She set about learning from the best masterminds in the world, as well as through her own experiences, and today, Zoe has built a well of deep knowledge on how an empowered life looks, feels, and works. She has spent time mastering not only the wisdom, but more importantly, how to practically apply it in order to make it an authentic part of everyday life. With a right mindset and strategies, every dream is achievable. Now she lives, loves, serves and enjoys all the great things life kindly gives her, from lemon to strawberry!

Zoe also enjoys making life efficient and effective – from “how to fold a shirt in three seconds,” speed – reading, to mind – mapping mastery. She is dedicated to youth and young adult development — mentoring, speaking, coaching, and consulting them towards their dreams.

With a pragmatic and warm approach, When Good Becomes Great! is Zoe’s gift to those who share her passion for life. She trusts that it will resonate with others who may find something of value in its pages, following her ultimate purpose to have the honor of being a wise caring partner on people’s life journey.


Is your current life creating an emptiness of heart and an anxiousness of mind?

Have you ever had the feeling there might be much more waiting for you – that there is much more you could become?

Do you crave for the unstoppable energy running through your veins, for the passion to dive in and reach greater possibilities? Do you long for a sense of peace and harmony in your soul, simply knowing you are living your best life?

Most of us are living pretty good lives. We likely have a place to call home, and — if we’re lucky — a job. We have loved ones and not-so-loved ones; we live with ups and down — within the status quo. We may even have a pretty good life … but we know there is more.

If you continue your ‘pretty good’ life, nothing will happen – and that’s the scary part. You may eventually experience giant regret for not following the urge to discover whom you’re truly meant to be. You may experience admiration, but also uncomfortable envy, whenever you see someone choosing to live their dream, rather than playing by the rules of the status quo.

Are you willing to heed the call of your destiny, to live an empowered life—filled with vitality, love, focus, and joy?

I would like to invite you to break FREE to the greatness inside You.

Learn How To…

  • Expand your comfort zone and step into an empowered life.
  • Break free of the fear, constraint, negativity, and daily frustration that keep too many great souls down.
  • Experience the freedom and fulfillment you desire and adore.
  • Spend your day in hot pursuit of a fascinating vision, full of the passion and energy that will make you exclaim,  “What an experience!”
  • Stop settling for anything less than everything you know you deserve.
  • Stay calm and focused despite any negativity, fear, and volatility in your environment.
  • Own your Highest Power, achieve outstanding results, and live the fulfilling and inspiring life you crave.
  • Make your next chapter the most inspired, productive, and successful one in your book.

When Good Becomes Great!: An Ultimate Guide to Breaking FREE from the Status Quo and Living an Empowered Life will change your mindset and offer you essential strategies and practical steps for breaking free of the status quo. With the brilliant ideas and expert guidance Zoe Hoang provides, you can finally begin to live the great life you are meant for.

  • Explore the real reasons why you may feel unmotivated or discontent, even though you are doing fine.
  • Discover what traps you in the horse race which is designed for you not to win, and learn how to get out of it.
  • Understand the myth surrounding Money, Time, and Happiness and how to make these qualities your alliances.
  • Learn the Ultimate formula to live your best life.
  • Reveal one secret that can offer you a sure-win route to success.
  • Learn to change your life by redesigning your 4 level  of energies.
  • Learn how to ensure you’re always motivated and empowered.
  • Discover an action plan for living your best life that takes you from knowing to doing.

“When Good Becomes Great! cuts straight to the chase on what you need to do to make the most of opportunities that come your way”
Jeffrey Alan Grinel
, author of Don’t Rack Your Brain, RockUrBrain

“If I could read only one book on personal excellence, When Good Becomes Great! is the one I would choose!”
Tan Choon Kiang, author of Life Makeover