Yvanne Gagnon


Yvanne Gagnon was in her early twenties when she first invested in the stock market and her late twenties when she bought her first house. Looking back on more than 25 years of investing experience, Yvanne believes that a mindset for long-term growth and faith in the future had the greatest impact on her achievements. By advancing her career, being consistent with her money management and investing her savings, she improved her financial situation, averaging an annual rate of return over 20% from a net worth perspective. Later on, her financial resources enabled her to actively pursue advanced investment vehicles, such as private lending, business development and stock trading.

In addition to investing, her interests are mountain hiking, jewelry art, nature, music, healthy living, active vacations, gorgeous scenery, learning something new, the performing arts and quiet time. Yvanne moved to Calgary, Canada, in 2012 in part for its proximity to the Canadian Rockies—a hiker’s paradise! Before coming to Calgary she lived in the Ottawa region, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Nova-Scotia, and Sept-Iles—a small town on the Gulf of the Saint-Lawrence where she was born.


In The Investor’s Guide for Beginners, author Yvanne Gagnon provides readers with basic information on several investment strategies: The stock market, real estate, building a business or a career.

This beginner’s guide is for you if you aspire to grow wealth, if you want to make sense of the vast choices available or if you want to improve your financial situation. This is a guide that will help you take charge of your financial future, assist you in making the right decisions for your peace of mind and teach you how to make your money work for you. Don’t remain stuck, unable to enjoy your future because you may lack the financial means to do what you enjoy or you are unable to provide for your most basic needs. Learn smart moves to eliminate financial fear and worries. In addition to sharing her own experience, Yvanne highlights key insights from the investors she interviewed as well as wisdom from world authority figures. She shows you how investing is worth your time and effort, how it will enable you to achieve your financial goals and how you can gain the freedom to do what you love.

Her content is clear and easy-to-understand, with numerous real-life examples, written to help beginners learn their options and make more informed financial decisions. Yvanne’s greatest desire is that what you learn will point you in the right direction to help you construct the future that you want.

The time is now; create the life and the financial wellness that you desire!

Learn How To…

Identify the best strategy for you based on your current circumstances and your hopes and dreams.

Make sense of the constant stream of confusing information about investing. Yvanne distills the information to its simplest form to help you make the right choices among the great variety of investing choices out there. She shows you how to avoid being influenced to take the wrong direction, a direction that could set you back. She highlights what you need to know in order to find the path that’s right for you.

Uncover In These Pages…

In this book, Yvanne shares her personal investment experience spanning more than 25 years—the mistakes, the insecurities, the struggles, and the successes. She shows you how she averaged an annual rate of return of more than 20% and how she grew $1,000 to $1 million.

Learn about the wide variety of investment vehicles and how you can become a successful investor. You will then be better positioned to seek out and pursue in-depth knowledge and develop the right skills to master your investment option of choice.

  • Learn about investing in the stock market, value and dividend investing for sustained future income, growth investing for acceleration, and short-term trading for income now. Learn how to make the volatility work for you.
  • Learn how to invest in real estate to supplement your income today and grow your nest egg for tomorrow. Learn the difference between cash flowing real estate and capital gains real estate. Learn about the pitfalls and how to avoid getting into real estate that will drag you down.
  • Learn how to develop a business that will provide income for you rather than take all your money from you. Learn how to avoid building a business that will control you, your money, and your time.
  • Learn how to build your career to increase your income, and gain the right balance between your personal life and your professional life.
  • Learn how to make good financial decisions for your future, develop effective money management practices, and grow your hard-earned money.
  • Learn how to accelerate the power of having your money make money for you in your tax-free accounts.
  • Learn how to improve your returns with leverage without putting yourself or others at risk.
  • Learn how to avoid consumer spending that is weighing on you and causing you to move farther and farther away from your financial goals.
  • Learn how to avoid the mistakes that could sidetrack your plans for years to come by properly evaluating the risks and implementing appropriate mitigation strategies to protect your money.
  • Learn about the power of the subconscious mind to help you create the future that you want. Find out how your beliefs will guide you
    along the way.