Yen Sen Chan


Being a Certified Trainer with the Brian Tracy International is a huge milestone for Yen Sen. The Brian Tracy training program, along with other leadership and professional development courses, have been instrumental in keeping Yen Sen grounded in both her corporate and personal mission. The discovery and enlightenment never stops as she continues to apply the learning in all her work and services, as well as in her personal space.

Yen Sen founded ESHCO, with the vision to be a trusted partner in EHS leadership. ESHCO is a consultancy, training and audit organization specializing in the field of environmental, health and safety (EHS). She wants ESHCO to do more than building technical capabilities. She wants ESHCO to bridge communication, drive innovation, and make EHS one of the matters people care earnestly.

The journey to becoming an author has been thought-provoking yet unbelievably exciting and inspiring. Through this book, Beyond Mediocrity: The Science of Achievement and the Art of Fulfillment, Yen Sen invites her readers to engage their inner truth and make a decision – to maintain their existence in an average, mediocre life, or to go beyond mediocrity and live a beautiful life. She believes, by stepping up, all of us can add far more values – energy, passion and commitment, to people around us.

Yen Sen has the privilege to be lecturing at three universities: the National University of Singapore (NUS), the Nanyang Technological University (NTU), and the University of Newcastle (UoN), Singapore campus. She is also grateful for the training partnership with the Singapore National Employer Federation (SNEF) and the Brian Tracy International.

Yen Sen has always enjoyed reading about environmental, health and safety matters, as much as learning about human psychology, adult learning principles, leadership, management, motivation and creativity. Now, as a mother to two boys, she has a new affection for children education. Soon, you will find her venture into adolescence development!



It is something you know is happening, but you rather not talk about it.

You are working hard, paying bills, raising children and caring for aging parents. Life is not as jubilant as you wish, but it is not miserable either. You have the usual vacation, the random indulgence, and the splendid celebrations. You ought to be delighted, but you are not. You are not disappointed either; yet, you know something is missing.

You have goals and targets. At one extreme end, you achieve none of them. You wonder why and suspect you have been unrealistic. At the other extreme, you achieve all of them, but you feel unexpectedly empty. You wonder why you remain feeling unfulfilled. In most circumstances, you feel you are neither here nor there, although you are diligently doing the ‘right’ thing – getting things done, performing your duties, and waiting for the next opportunity. What has become of you, as you live for another week, another month, another year? A mediocre.

Goals and targets are no longer relevant when you stop pursuing what matters most to you. You start living a mediocre life; one that is safe, comfortable, and predictable, but boring. Mediocrity kills energy, passion, and creativity. Mediocrity extinguishes fire, dreams, and the purpose in us.

This book invites you to engage your inner truth and make a decision. Decide if you want to maintain your existence in an average, mediocre life, or to go beyond mediocrity and live a beautiful life.


  • Rediscover what really matters in your life and what you truly want; and be awed by the amazing differences you will be making in yourself and in the lives of others.
  • Start with uncovering why goals and targets do not always work, even when they are S.M.A.R.T. Align your goals to what matters most to you. Let go of non-serving qualities and start practicing positivity. Remember, all achievements above the level of mediocrity are built on positive personalities.
  • Stop ‘rationalizing’ noises and excuses. Replace all your noises with affirmation. Always make a better choice for every challenge you face. Do something; however small and little, to move yourself beyond average, every single day.


  • Understand that working on a S.M.A.R.T goal that has little to do with what you really want, is not going to give you fulfillment.
  • A goal only works if there is an intent to achieve it, and you will need time and clarity to find your intention.
  • Organize your life and your goals around the top 3 matters you care about; the rest of the things are distractions.
  • Who you are – your attitude, belief, and personality; determine the actions you would take, the way you would execute those actions, and the results you would eventually attain.
  • Acquiring a positive personality is very much a technical skill; you need repetition and mastery.
  • Acknowledge that noises and excuses exist in every area of our life, and you are not going to find the perfect antidote for that.
  • Strike the noises out and replace excuses with affirmation.
  • Always make a better choice for every challenge you face.
  • Start your day with intent so that you can accomplish a little more each day.
  • End your day with a self-reflection and connect with yourself.
  • Go beyond mediocrity in parenting and EHS leadership.