Vilochanee Naidoo


Vilochanee Naidoo has a wealth of knowledge in personal and business finance. She is professionally accredited internationally in both procurement and finance.

Her career spans twenty one years in procurement with blue chip companies where she has successfully led the growth of business and individuals by increasing wealth and reducing costs. She has a wide range of skills in procurement, finance, goods, and services across diverse markets.

She aims to promote wealthy lifestyles and financial enrichment for individuals and businesses alike. Until now, critical personal finance topics have remained inaccessible to most. The key objective of this book is to expand knowledge on wealth, enhance personal brands and empower people across all walks of life.

Vilochanee passionately shares her knowledge as a lecturer in procurement. She has also spoken at corporate events.


Money Smart is aimed at creating awareness for individuals through the understanding of everyday personal finance. It can be effortlessly adapted for use by everyone and puts financial gain within reach once acted upon. Unlike most other books on financial freedom that focus primarily on stock market trading, the information contained in this book discloses the steps to the skill of financial abundance. It will place the reader in total financial control of his or her life, and allow the flow of money and wealth through simple techniques which include planning and changes in thought patterns.

The goal is for readers to purposefully prosper financially by changing personal financial status through wealth building, investment in assets and property, and more importantly, on spend and thrift patterns.

Contained in a single book is all the information the reader needs to attain success and to be able to control, manage, and direct a flow of financial abundance throughout their lives. The book covers in-depth topics like financial goals, financial freedom, budgeting, income, property, and investments.


In this book, you will learn the power of attaining financial freedom by setting your goals. Some will be able to finally break the cycle of financial debt. This is a powerful system to know exactly what your income is and how to calculate, manage, and limit your expenses. Convert your current financial position to that of an investor with the power to buy large assets like cars and property. Furthermore, you will gain an understanding of retail marketing and debt creation, so you can rise above over-spending and into the fascinating world of wealth and abundance.


How the wealthy began their journey through an awareness and an understanding of their financial commitments. Fortunately, you will also uncover the thought patterns that have been stifling your personal financial growth, as well as the pitfalls to your own financial success.

  • Achieve your financial goals.
  • Attain financial freedom.
  • Grow your wealth and abundance.
  • Know your income.
  • Quick and easy budgets.
  • Important information on buying cars.
  • How to buy a property.
  • Understand banking and insurance fees.
  • How to remain debt free.