Vignesh Ponnusamy and Revathi Tanasekaran


Vignesh “Vic” Ponnusamy is a motivational speaker and a life coach. At the age of 26, he was struck with sudden blindness caused by a benign brain tumour that damaged his optic nerves. With sheer determination and with the love of his wife, Vic overcame his challenges, which he calls ‘differentially abled’, not disabled. He has written boundless quotes titled, ‘Sighted Thoughts by Vic, and has made three television appearances in Singapore on the purposeful life he leads despite his limitations. Vic is esteemed for his resilience and willpower. Vic, an intuitive, quick-witted, and courageous visionary, has a natural flair for speaking and leaves a lasting impression on his audiences.

Revathi “Rei” Tanasekaran is a motivational speaker and life coach. She’s currently pursuing her Bachelor degree in Counselling at Singapore Institute of Management University. She was formerly trained in special needs education, and made her television debut together with her husband, Vic, in a docu-drama episode which highlighted their remarkable love story of more than 14 years. She is well known for her equitable sense of mind and her optimistic, compassionate nature. She lives and advocates her motto: Love begins at home.

Vic & Rei are the founding partners of Torchbearers LLP, a self development and motivational service provider whom are dedicated to transform the lives of individuals and ignite the flame within them. Vic & Rei’s mission in life is to motivate others to escalate in life, to live their dreams and inspire others around them to do the same. This book is their gift to couples to empower them to live their lives to the fullest. The launch of Vowed to Succeed will also launch Vic & Rei‘s new avatar as relationship coaches.


When we turn down the volume of the world, we begin to sense that what we are truly missing is a sense of being loved. In the pursuit of success, many are derailed. Couples worldwide are increasingly falling out of love and experts have identified the fact that many divorcing/separating or even couples whom break up before they tie the knot still do love one another but do not know how to make their relationships work.

From our personal experience, being a couple in love for more than 15 years, we believe that love is the potent energy that can lead a couple to succeed in their relationship, in their dreams, and ultimately in their life together. Vowed To Succeed was inspired by our love and our belief in love. We embarked on a quest to learn from exemplary power couples on the keys to their success in love and life. Couples most of us look up to for their ability to let their love fuel their passion to succeed.

Vowed To Succeed is about the wonders of love and how it can change lives. We have unearthed the secrets, formulated new strategies to lasting love, and present them to you in the pages of this book. Bring love into your home and work together to ignite success. The power of two is greater than one.

In The Pages Of Vowed To Succeed, You’ll Learn . . .

  • True life stories and lessons from power couples.
  • Principles of communication and why they are important.
  • How to keep love kindled throughout your journey as a couple.
  • How to manage challenges in and around your relationship.
  • The use of resourceful thinking to create opportunities in your relationship.
  • The ability to evoke change and use it to transcend to success.

In These Pages You Will Uncover . . .

  • The New Strategies to Lasting Love.
  • The Practical Keys to Transforming into a Power Couple.
  • The Secrets Behind a Strong and Passionate Connection.

Unfold the wonders of love and its power to transcend you to greater heights with these new strategies.

  • The power of Two is greater than one . . . Synergize!
  • Redefine through your experiences, combine your strengths, and shine with Passion.
  • You will live every moment like it’s your last if you live To love and To cherish.
  • You will reinvigorate your relationship when you communicate effectively . . . ‘can you hear? i am here’.
  • Merge together with undeniable balance. We call it ‘Doing the Dance of Duality’.
  • Grow fond to respond beyond and share a bond that is eternal with the infection of connection.
  • You’ll relentlessly enjoy each other standing the test of time if you truly grasp the notion of for Better or for worse.
  • Unleash your love’s potential that you create together and say, challenge accepted!
  • The path to progress unfolds when you both magnetize the force of resourcefulness.
  • Life is a party when You, Me, and Them are all in it. Let’s Celebrate!
  • Success in love and life can be a constant like time itself throughout your beautiful journey together. Happily Ever after is no longer a fantasy; it’s a reality.
  • Sustain your success when you inspire change within yourselves and those around you.