Verona Duwarkah


Born in a rural village in KwaZulu-Natal, Verona Duwarkah grew up learning and understanding the importance of personal strength, resilience, commitment, service and responsibility. Having been raised during difficult times in South Africa, she came to understand the importance of taking opportunities as they came and accepting challenges with zeal. From a young age, she had ambitions of leaving the rural, poverty-stricken ways of living that she grew up in, to find a more prosperous environment to live in. Despite the hardships she experienced throughout her younger years, she kept the faith that one day she would live a life that she only read about in the many books and magazines she would often lose herself in.

Through sheer hard work, dedication and sacrifice, she rose to senior executive roles in the corporate world and is proud to have served on some of the largest projects for South Africa’s public broadcaster. As a result, she has a vast array of practical working experience across multiple business areas globally, having served in CEO, Board and Directorship roles.

A highly respected media professional who has worked in content production as well as television and digital platform management, she prides herself not only on her business skills but also in her role as a mother of two wonderful children. Verona values authenticity, respect and humility above all else and seeks to exercise these values in all aspects of her life. She also wishes to use her life experiences and the lessons she’s gained from them to motivate others to achieve their own personal goals. Verona believes that all people should desire to continually improve themselves academically and spiritually. She aims to continue to add value to as many individuals lives as she can by applying her passion for mentoring, coaching, personal development and spiritual growth.

Her frustration led to her success — and so can yours!


Pain, loss and suffering is a part of our lives no matter who we are. None of us escapes it yet we become angry or depressed and invite illnesses into our lives. We simply don’t understand why the negative occurrences arise – why are they necessary? Why does happiness elude some of us while others seem to receive it in abundance? These recurring emotions trigger negative energies that are received by the Universe and results arise accordingly. Energy flows to where our focus lies. When we continuously focus on negativity, think evil thoughts, have feelings of jealousy or greed, our lives will be in constant chaos.

So how do we evolve ourselves to bring positive results into our lives. We must train our minds to think differently. This is certainly not easy as it requires hard work, dedication, commitment and tremendous sacrifice. It is about letting go of negative thoughts and situations which lead to negative actions. It does not help one to allow negative situations to control their actions. For example, someone cuts in front of you in traffic breaking the rules that you were following so obediently. You sit in your car fuming while they are merrily on their way. You then blame this person who you don’t know for your bad mood. Ignoring this type of incident is not as easy as it sounds, especially when sitting in grueling traffic, but getting upset will not serve you. So, one must train one’s self to dismiss thoughts and feelings of things you have no control over, smile and move on. It will take practice, time and quite a bit of foul language but you will get better at it once you consciously decide that these incidences are a part of life that you have no control over. Listen to energizing music or an inspirational audiobook to assist you to keep calm and relaxed during these moments of mind chaos.



You can use your most trying life experiences to teach you to let go and find the lessons in each instance, just like I did. I will share how each lesson has made me stronger, more resilient and enabled me to live a better, richer, more peaceful life. Letting go of negativity is key to a stronger you!


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Master the art of knowing the difference between what you can control and what you must let go.

• Strengthening the inner self is key to maintaining balance in one’s life.
• Life is filled with surprises, both good and bad ones
• Pain is part of life – we certainly don’t like the experience but none of us can escape it.
• Do the right thing, no matter how hard it is.
• Go the extra mile – it may be lonely on that stretch but it is the most fulfilling.
• Serve with passion and grace without the expectation of receiving something in return.
• Love your work but love yourself more.
• Be flexible – embrace the journey that you are on with its twist and turns.
• Love wholeheartedly – life is fragile and we don’t know when it can end.
• Meditate, pray, exercise, love, live.
• Seek wisdom from our elders – their experiences serve as a great source of solution to daily challenges.