Veena Arunyakasem


Veena Arunyakasem is a very successful veteran of fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) and retail marketing in Thailand. In just seven years of working as a marketer in international organizations such as Nestlé, Diethelm, and PepsiCo., Veena quickly ascended the ranks from junior level assistant product manager to managing director of act media, tasked with turning business around from minus growth to 40 percent over and above her given target. Recognized as a natural leader, second to none in communication skills and personal development, Veena and her teams have consistently surpassed all given sales and profit targets. As a result, she was promoted every year and became the sole female executive in all the firms where she was employed.

As a leader, Veena loves growing other leaders, but over time, she noticed that no matter how much time and effort she put into grooming employees, it seemed men made it to higher levels far more quickly than women. She noticed a trend: Female employees did not step up when it came time to face the challenges, thus turning their backs on more money and fringe benefits. To her surprise, she learned that fear, inferiority complexes, guilty conscience, and lack of support prevented women from moving further in their career paths. Veena wholeheartedly believes other women can be as successful as she has been, if they will only take a chance, work with determination, and equip themselves with the tools to get there. With that in mind, Veena promoted her own high-performance secretary to the new role of general manager when the position became vacant. Much to her delight and surprise, that secretary performed so well that she was soon promoted to assistant vice president of marketing, then to vice president in a well-known retail company in Bangkok. Veena also asked her leasing manager, another secretary, to work on a restaurant application; in time, that brilliant woman drove the IT team to start a Tesco food court app, a remarkable achievement that saw her promoted to store manager of Tesco. The success of these hardworking, determined secretaries served as Veena’s inspiration to help all ambitious women who simply do not know how to get there, as well as those who are not sure whether or not to take on a bigger career role.

In To the Top, Veena shares not only her experiences but also many secrets of success that she has gleaned from exclusive interviews with over 50 top women in Thailand. Her first professional handbook will guide all women to achieve great things with courage, confidence, and insightful planning, equipping them to manage their career and personal lives for sustainable happiness. Veena knows the air is fresher at the top, and she wants everyone to enjoy breathing easier!

Veena graduated from Thammasat University in Bangkok and received her master’s in business from Monash University, Melbourne, Australia. She currently leads her own business, in which she works as a shopping mall development consultant, but she continues to work as a mentor in business, marketing, corporate strategies, new business setup, and turnaround. She is an expert in executive and leadership coaching and was certified by John Maxwell International Leadership in March of 2016 as a speaker, trainer, and coach, offering sound advice in leadership, development, and sales and marketing.


Have you ever wondered why you haven’t been promoted to a better position, in spite of your hard work and achievements for the company? Have you ever been frustrated because your male peers or junior staffers receive compliments and credit for your hard work? Do you struggle to manage your business and family life, to keep everything in healthy balance? Are you currently facing the difficult decision of taking on a new job, role, project, or challenge or scaling back and sticking with what you’re already doing? Do you dream of being the head of your division or even the top person in your company, yet you have no idea how to get there? If your answer to any of these questions is a resounding yes, To the Top is the book for you.

In these pages, you will not find get-rich-quick schemes. Rather, you will discover tools to help you get what you want more quickly, to live up to your fullest potential, to get To the Top by working with intention from day one. Your rise upward may be a rough road full of obstacles, but with a smart, well-prepared vehicle and all the necessary tools, your journey to your expected designation will be faster.



You can finally break the cycle of the stress that keeps you up at night. You can relieve the frustration of not knowing how to find the recognition and promotion you deserve. Seven powerful strategies, chockful of practical tools, will lead you down a successful career path, bolster your confidence, and open your eyes to more opportunities to help you fulfill your ambitions.

Learn how to create a career plan, perform useful self-analysis, and identify the job that best fits your personal strengths, as well as grow into an individual equipped to capture any career opportunity. The degree of successful outcome depends very much on your determination, but through your continuous, intentional action and a To the Top plan, you can achieve your goals. If you are ready to step up and get into bigger and better things, read this book and take action!


• Discover insightful success stories to transform yourself.
• Grow and ascend the ladder of success in your career, as high as you want to climb for better living and long-lasting happiness.
• What does it take to be a successful executive?
• What do you require to start your journey to create your own career path?
• Optimize any life changes to benefit you.
• Redefine yourself and find success on your own terms.
• How much are you worth? Learn how to increase your value.
• Surround yourself with the right people, those who can lift you up to where you want to be.
• Manage your boss and convince him or her to open doors for you.
• Brand yourself as an instant celebrity in your workplace.
• Develop leadership skills that will carry you to the position you’re aiming for.
• Build a platform for yourself and stand out from the crowd as you are promoted from one level to the next.
• Face personal and career challenges boldly during your journey to the top.
• Reset your priorities without sacrificing your work ambitions or family responsibilities.
• The air at the top is fresher, and your positive achievements will attract whatever you want as a result.