Valérie Huard & Jean-Michel Tétreault


Valérie Huard is devoted and compassionate to her neighbor. She has always been trying to help those who have a physical or intellectual disadvantage. Valérie went through an extensive trauma experience in her childhood. She learned various techniques to cope with her traumatic sequela. The toolset she gathered helps her today to understand and support her clients suffering with PTSD.

She appears monthly in the TV Broadcast, Entre-Nous, at TV Rogers, since 2016. She is the author of the article 10-Day Decluttering Challenge, in the publication Neighbours of Manotick. Valérie is the founder and co-owner of DO Well, which specialized in home organizing, decluttering and staging. She is a member of the Professional Organizers in Canada (POC).

In her career, Valérie studied in occupational therapy, which gave her a foundation to understand a trauma, special needs, and environment adaptation. Valérie was awarded the Most Venerable Order of the Hospital of St. John of Jerusalem Medal in recognition of her work to improve the quality of life of Canadians. She has dedicated twelve years to the St. John Ambulance organization to provide compassion, support and first aid environment to the population of the Montérégie area.

Valérie is married to Jean-Michel and they have two sons. As a military spouse, she experienced the rooting, accumulation, decluttering and moving cycle for a few times.

Jean-Michel Tétreault was born in the great Montreal area in Canada. He live and grow up with his passion to help others. He joined the military to have the chance to do humanitarian missions and participate in the valorization of people in direct need. By joining this community, he soon realized that he could help as much of his brothers-in-arms broken by combat or in Post-Traumatic Stress Disorders. JM had traumatic incidents in his youth. He saw the light of these incidents, escorting his wife to the healing, from when they met until today that she has recovered.

Jean-Michel is currently a senior officer of the Canadian Armed Forces. In his work environment, he ends up being mentor and coach to many. Since jobs are assigned to different locations across the country, he has moved his family a few times and has developed considerable tactics in house organization and decluttering.

He is a strong believer in human potential and diversity, volunteered countless hours in First-Aid organization, assisted the community and improved the local area quality of life. JM helped colleagues and volunteers through all of his life.

Jean-Michel participated and led re-organization of start-up and established businesses from the administration to the operationalization. He has many years of experience in high-tech industries, as well as in the public service. With his engineering degree and recently a master in business administration, he developed a practical and analytical sense of organization.

Valérie and Jean-Michel have passionately refined their decluttering and organizing method to help people with emotional and traumatic disorders. This approach is intended to bring peace of mind by enabling the emotional detachment of objects that are no longer used. In addition, the process develops solid skills for organizing home. They founded DO WELL around this program to help even more people.

Jean-Michel accompanied tens of sisters and brothers-in-arms to get out of the misery of the PTSD. Valérie helped dozens of people who found peace of mind, as well as gained a welcoming organized home or office. She is giving several public speaking engagement and is often called to speak in Ottawa, and even in New York.


World Health Organization estimates that 3.6% of the people in the world will have a posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in their life. The PTSD is a devastating situation that can disorganize the rational and emotional functions of the brain. It’s observed that affected people develops high stress and anxiety, as well as clutter their mind with self-deprecation and self-destructive thoughts. And the vicious circle grows, often resulting to isolation from the family and society. Another significant repercussion of the PTSD is the spatial disorganization—people will start to terribly clutter their home and office.

Put That Stuff Down unfolds a decluttering journey through a series of simple powerful techniques to better the life of people troubled by PTSD. The first thing it does is finding the inner calm and power, by decluttering the mind. At a mind-balanced state, it introduces decluttering secrets that enables an easier process of going through stuff in home and office. The authors went through many hoops in moving and refitting their houses, and hereby suggest organizing patterns and healthy time practices that will engage peace and harmony in affected people and their surroundings’ life.


  • This powerful journey will help you find your deep motivations.
  • You will discover how to create new goals just for you.
  • Powerful methods will strengthen your mindset to get through PTSD.
  • You will finally break the cycle of depression and find the desires to continue and enjoy life.
  • You will unveil secrets to stop the clutter taking over your life and create decluttering habits.
  • You will master proven methods to organize your environment at home and at the office.
  • You will assimilate life and mind principles to reduce your stress.
  • You will stop running after your time and acquire healthy time practice.
  • You will be able to seek the compassionate help to support you.
  • You will reduce your negative self-beliefs and develop your self-esteem.


Put That Stuff Down presents a powerful journey to find peace of mind, gain healthier time practice, fully enjoy your life into an organized and welcoming home, and all that to finally cope with your PTSD.

  • Learn and review the fundamentals of what PTSD is.
  • Discover ways to set strong adapted goals and objectives to enable your motivation.
  • Use a powerful affirmation technique to strengthen your mindset.
  • Understand how trauma affects accumulation and clutter cycle.
  • Use the substantial linkage of your emotions, thoughts and behaviours to break negative patterns.
  • Unveil three secrets to make your decluttering successful.
  • Learn tips and tricks to organize your home.
  • Reach your mindfulness and overcome your stress and anxiety.
  • Control and carefully use your time to win.
  • How to accept yourself, enjoy life and develop helping interactions with others.

“Who would think that something as simple as de-cluttering your life, your living space and your mind could help you heal from PTSD? This easy and effective technique is empowering PTSD victims to take charge of their own healing and move toward reclaiming their ‘normal’ life.”

—Barry Spilchuk
Founder of and Coauthor of A Cup of Chicken Soup for the Soul

Put That Stuff Down shares simple yet powerful techniques to better the life of people suffering from PTSD. Start your decluttering journey in finding your inner calm by re-examining your life, organizing your patterns, and reducing your negative beliefs. These proven methods will give peace and harmony to your life and the people around you.”

—Nikki Arnold

“Valérie Huard and Jean-Michel Tétreault are rockstars! They dedicate their work for people with PTSD, enabling them to understand how trauma affects accumulation of things and clutter cycle. Learn the ultimate tips and tricks into an organized and welcoming home that will also help you cope with your PTSD.”

—Winnie Chin
Author of This Ability, NOT Disability

“This practical guide to uncluttering your home and life is also a well written and honest account of Valérie and Jean-Michel’s PTSD healing journey. By courageously sharing their journey they optimistically hope to reduce the taboo of PTSD. The authors weave fact together with their stories encouraging the reader to examine the trauma and emotion underlying hoarding while providing a goal setting process designed to improve your life.
Well done Valérie and Jean- Michel.”

—Gillian Stevens
Author of Explore, Transform, Flourish

“Suffering from PTSD is extremely debilitating. This book will help you learn to overcome your stress and anxiety by decluttering the mess in your life, starting with organizing your home. A clean home will clear your mind and strengthen your mindset. Take that crucial first step and enjoy life NOW!”

—Susie Nelsen
Author of Finishing Well