Vajira Weeresekera


Vajira is a business leader, speaker, and author whose true passion lies in incubating high-performing teams to help build disruptive and transformative solutions. He had the opportunity to gain international experience across many executive roles in organizations across Ireland, the United States, and Australia.

Currently, Vajira is the Chief Technology Officer for Microsoft Services Asia. He and his team of Architects are responsible for the delivery of strategic digital transformation solutions for Microsoft customers across Asia. He was the co-founder of the Microsoft Solutions Development Center in Australia. A software engineering facility for implementing disruptive and breakthrough solutions. Vajira also worked with ISOCOR in their R&D and Engineering teams in Ireland, Australia, and United States across technical and executive roles.

Vajira holds a first-class honours bachelor of commerce degree in management and a first-class honours master of business studies from University College Dublin. He was also a lecturer at University College Dublin for the Master of Business Management program.

Outside of his work he is a father of two sons and a passionate ultra-marathon runner.


The world’s most admired business leaders, such as Henry Ford, Ray Kroc, Bill Gates, Larry Page, Jeff Bezos, Steve Jobs, and Richard Branson have created change by motivating teams of people to achieve their full potential. Their achievements were all measured by the impact they created, not how much they knew about a topic or a subject. One can also consider today’s leaders who were able to disrupt traditional service paradigms successfully in travel and accommodation such as Brian Chesky (Airbnb), David Clark (Webjet) and many others. They all had a dream and a vision and they were able to realize that dream by deploying highly effective and strongly performing teams.

The focus of this book is how one can guide leaders to build amazing, high-performing teams, to make lasting impacts and achieve great things.

Motivating Mavericks is structured around three habits and five strategies that are critical for a high performing team. The three habits will help you to focus on setting the right foundation for growth and performance while the five strategies will help you take a balanced view across multiple disciplines.

Incubating and growing high-performing teams is a passion for Vajira Weerasekera and one that is critical for getting things done with any organization or start-up today.

Why do some businesses succeed while others fail?

Bill Gross, founder of Idealab, reported his recent findings on the five influencing factors for successful start-ups. Getting the team right is the second most important factor behind the timing of the idea itself. It is interesting to see that getting the team right is more critical than the idea itself.

  • Timing of the idea.
  • Getting the right team.
  • The idea itself.
  • The business model.
  • Funding

There is a lot we can do as leaders when it comes to building amazing teams. As a leader what matter is the ability to get things done. It’s the ability to:

  • Execute effectively,
  • Make clear decisions,
  • Take risks,
  • Act with information at hand versus
    procrastinating on data you don’t have,
  • Bring out the best in people.

Each of these factors has an impact on how you as a leader performs, and more importantly, on how you can get the best out of your teams.

In this upcoming book, Vajira Weerasekera draws on experience in building and running teams that were highly successful, as well as those that failed or were simply mediocre. In addition to his experiences, Vajira shares stories from CEOs and business leaders around the world.


Bring the art and science of building and managing high performing teams through a simple model of using three habits, five strategies, and real-life examples from many leaders.


The mistakes and experience of other business leaders in building high performing teams.

Discover a simple and powerful model that is easy to put into action, and delivers consistent results.

Learn the simple framework of three habits and the five strategies to bring everything together in building teams.


“I have worked with Vajira, and I urge you to follow his approach to building high performing teams. He takes a practical no nonsense approach for how you can take your team to a new level of performance.“
—Gerry Robert
Bestselling author of The Millionaire Mindset

“Straightforward and practical guide for building high performing teams, with great example stories from leaders around the world.“
—Dr. José Cross
author of Business Is Booming

“A powerful, practical, and cut-to-the-chase approach for building high-performing teams.“
—Jack H. M. Wong
author of Cracking The Entrepreneur Code

“Failing fast and having a growth mindset are buzzwords these days in business, and Vajira throws light on how best to approach this in building your team the right way from the start.”
—David Bunney
author of Success Leaves a Trail

“Want a simple framework with great examples and stories around building high-performing teams? This is the book to read – Motivating Mavericks: The Secret To High Performing Teams.”
—Gurunath Hari
author of The 6 Dimensions