Vai S. Thean
Vai has read dozens of internationally acclaimed, award-winning books but has written none as of yet. He did once gulp down twenty-one slices of pizzas, cheated death en-route toward The World Trade Center, refrained from speaking a single word for ten torturous days, and dated seven girls in seven days. While he find “living life to the fullest” to be quite the cliché, he does it anyway!
In his new book, Power Dating – 8 Invisible Magnets To Get You A Date, Vai shares his journeys, failures, bang wall experiences, and insights to spare you the misery of going through it all to land that dream date. If it is not for his courage to get back to the dating scene despite a series of unfortunate incidents and unimaginable anxiety in approaching girls, he wouldn’t have met his current partner, the co-author of this book..
Vai was born in the peaceful town of Klang and has migrated to neighbouring Subang Jaya, where he

lives with his pet bat, a couple of squirrels, and his favourite wine chiller. 

Carynn Goh
Not in the headlines of Entertainment Weekly nor a candidate for the community beauty pageant, Carynn considers herself a bit of an ugly duckling who shied away from boys.  Conditioned by the social norm, she suffered her fair share of struggles, underpinned by beliefs, most of which were fallacious. Obviously, those fairy tales depicted that a Prince Charming would come along someday, atop his white horse, but that did nothing to equip her with Dating 101.
Older, wiser, and full of instincts, as well as a heart for adventure and a now-or-never attitude, Carynn took full advantage of her hands-on grooming in the marketing field, by first branding herself. With her hilarious take on impersonating foreign accents, some amateur wine connoisseur skills, and a couple of basic makeup for dummies tutorials, Carynn began her journey in magnetizing attractions. A bold and distinctive individual in her right, she has encountered and charmed antimovie maniacs, beachboys, beer and nap fans, matured vino-pedias, ahistory geek, and more than a few charming souls!  She currently resides in Pee-Jay, but she still misses the warmth (especially of food) in her birthplace in the Southern Region.

Unleash that dream date you so desperately desire! This gem of a book in your hand is something like an all-expense-paid trip around the globe. Before you know it, you’ll be jet-setting on the ultimate journey of Power Dating, one, who will have you feeling like Tony Stark or Megan Fox and at the same time creating possibilities that you never thought possible. 


With proven techniques and tips tuned for success this book will:
• Strip you off those rugged, out-of-date blueprints.
• Un-complicate dating myths.
• Uncover the secrets of dating know-hows.
• Ignite your hidden potential you never knew exists.

The bonus wave of invisible magnets in this book will endow you with the power of attraction and
help you capture the attention of your dream date. May the force of Power Dating be with you!


The pointers and insights laid out in Power Dating are refreshing and startling yet practical. Besides being the key to accelerate your chances of getting a date, the book is downright simple, humorous, and easy to read.
• Getting a date is a piece of cake! You have hope! Yes, you! Not him, not her, but you! Er, I mean…
them too.
• Learn to assassinate your daily struggles and the fear and anxiety in dating by infusing new, empowering
• Confidence can be built methodically, without having to be intellectualized. Voodoo, Feng shui, or a Jedi’s advice won’t help, but we’ll show you how.
• Learn the simple steps to create a magnetic first impression and get others to notice you in no time! No notice, no honey!
• How to quadruple your chances of getting a date, or even a dozen via D-A-D (Date Apps Dating) and
Dating Sites.
• Choreograph a powerful profile for your dating apps and sites. Master the text game and let your fingers do what they do best: Get you a date.
• Discover cool, fun, practical, “can openers,”sequences, and tips that will transform you to a
smooth operator.
• Personalize your own version of cool, fun & practical conversation starters that will instantly catapult you to stardom.
• Learn what to do after they say yes to a date or even before that.
• Become an expert on post-date modus operandi and avoid being casted into the dreaded friend zone.