V. Prema and V. Natarajan


Natarajan and Prema have over 45 combined years of insight and experience from both sides of the fence — client servicing and being the client.

Natarajan, or Raja for short, has moved through the ranks in account servicing for over 20 years, working with multinational companies on their global brands as well as helping smaller ones grow their businesses through creative brand building, advertising and marketing campaigns. His passion for creativity, great people skills and an attitude of treating his clients’ businesses as his own has resulted in many clients regarding him as a trusted friend. He has conceptualized award-winning campaigns such as The Heineken Green Room Sessions and helped numerous clients launch impactful and effective campaigns. He has also been headhunted by several top agencies across the region because clients had specifically asked for him to service their accounts. He currently runs his own creative agency, Kult3D, which focuses on non-traditional and experiential marketing.

Prema has had over 20 years of communications, programme and policy development, and campaign management experience. As a senior staff in government and non-profit organisations, she engaged many service providers including those in advertising, event management, public relations and website development, and observed, first-hand, the good, the bad and the ugly in client servicing. Her passion for empowering people and wanting to help them achieve more out of life has led her to co-authoring this book and starting her own training programmes.


Have you ever felt frustrated when dealing with clients? Are you a newbie, drowning in a sea of uncertainty as you take your first few laps in client servicing?

Technological advances have brought and will continue to bring about changes in how businesses are run and the way we work with clients. However, fundamentals such as providing quality service, building long-term relationships and dealing well with people remain the hallmarks of great client servicing.

Client Servicing 2.0 is a life raft that can help you to not just stay afloat, but also brave stormy waters when it comes to dealing with clients. The authors, Natarajan and Prema, share 10 powerful strategies that can help you understand, master and rule the world of client servicing.

Learn How…

You can be transformed into a confident and trusted client servicing executive, valued by your client as well as the company you work for.

The real-life examples and easy-to-implement tips provided in the book will not only benefit you in gaining a strong foothold in client servicing but also help you to build a rewarding career.

In These Pages You Will Discover…

Powerful strategies and effective tips that can take you from good to great in client servicing.

Discover . . .

  • Qualities that are critical in an excellent client servicing executive.
  • Easy steps to bridge knowledge gaps when starting out in client servicing.
  • Relationship building strategies to keep clients coming back to you.
  • People skills that will wow not only your clients but everyone else you need to work with.
  • The science and art of process management.
  • Persuasiveness skills to get client buy-in.
  • Awesome techniques to generate ideas.
  • Leadership traits that few think about in client servicing.
  • Effective ways to cope with the pressures of client servicing.
  • Vital tips to increase professionalism and gain client confidence.

“What a fantastic, straightforward book, filled with proven techniques! Client Satisfaction 2.0 cuts straight to the chase on what you need to do to wow clients and keep them loyal” – Gerry Robert, Bestselling Author of The Millionaire Mindset