Travon Taylor


Mr. Travon Taylor is an inspirational speaker, author, and coach. His passion for helping others achieve their own purpose and greatness has become his obsession. He believes if you can see it mentally, it is possible for you! Travon believes you can achieve true happiness and fulfillment in every area of your life and wants to share how this is possible to the world.

Travon was raised in Los Angeles California and is a 12-year United States Marine combat veteran who served 3 tours in Iraq achieving the rank of Staff Sergeant. While in the Marine Corps, he served as a recruiter in Kansas City, Missouri, and was decorated as one of the best recruiters in a 13-state district. It was during this assignment where Travon discovered his passion for teaching and inspiring others to achieving great things.

After his military service, he became a youth leader, having a profound impact on many lives in his local community in Los Angeles, and globally. Travon toured with one of the world’s largest traveling ministries – traveling to Israel, Indonesia, Sweden, South Africa, Portugal, and all over the United States. A force to be reckoned with, he applied his “can do, never quit” attitude, earning a California State boxing championship at the age of 36!

Travon shares his experiences, life lessons, motivation, and years of education in leadership, communication strategies, business strategies, and meditation insights in Success Chasing You. He is also a Certified Dream Coach® helping many tear down the walls of fear and frustration and live a dream come true life. He is a winner and a leader in every endeavor he sets his mind to and encourages others to follow his example and stand in their own power. He is of the Christian faith and uses biblical principles to govern his life and teaches the principles of living in spirit, soul and body. Travon is a natural leader and visionary who gladly teaches powerful total-life success strategies.

Now living his dream, traveling the world as an influential speaker, Travon exemplifies the life of a champion. A life of accomplishment, success and inspiration.


Too many people in the world are just wandering around aimlessly, something like mice in a maze, wondering how they’re going to get by and settling for whatever life throws at them. Many complain about how little money they make, how difficult their jobs are, issues with their significant others, the neighborhoods they live in, and so on. People tend to compare themselves to others they observe, and this, in turn, lowers their self-esteem when they discover they aren’t exactly keeping up with the Joneses. Success Chasing You is a comprehensive guide that leads the reader from a life of struggle and unfulfillment to an authentically centered purpose. You can achieve true greatness and happiness in every area of your life, and you can do it with ease! This book will show you how.


  • Stop all patterns of failure and dissatisfaction in your life and make your life a total success magnet!
  • Eliminate low energy levels and wake up every morning feeling energized and excited about
    your new life, expecting new and exciting developments daily.
  • Love and appreciate God-given blessing in life.


Success Chasing You will equip you to turn your life into a total success magnet! Attract happiness and true fulfillment to every area of your life, all the while being totally authentic to who you really are and the true nature of your purpose. To have success, you must first become the embodiment of success. Once this happens, success really will chase you, and you won’t be able to stop that pursuit! “To possess, you must first become.”

  • Discover your true identity and what you were created for.
  • Learn about the universal spiritual laws that govern your life and how to use these to your advantage.
  • Create powerful intent and vision for your life, so you can live on purpose.
  • Live a life of passion and success, with all the resources you need chasing you down.
  • Finally break free of the plague of low self-esteem.
  • Break the continuous cycle of the rat race and find true prosperity in your God-given power.
  • Put a stop to continuous negative thoughts and words of failure; only see and speak success in every area of your life.
  • Eliminate all competition.
  • Live a life of excellence, continuous promotion, and upswing.
  • Unleash the power of love and relationships.
  • Become a powerful, effective communicator who creates win-win situations.