Tony Verheij


Tony Verheij is an eloquent speaker that can reach the hearts of his audience, teach the brain new tricks and provide insights for the inside.

He has shared the stage and/or space with Stedman Graham, Nick Vujicic, Les Brown, Chris Gardner, Anthony Robbins and many more. His TEDx Talk, back in 2013 has more than 500,000+ views – where men comment on the poor presentation skills and women comment about the content – exists because people kept begging him to share his Formula for True Love.

Tony researched and tested the works of Doctor Helen E. Fisher, Senior Pastor Mark Gungor, Dr. Brené Brown, Dr. John Gray, Dr. Gary D. Chapman, Dr. John M. Gottman, Dr. Harville Hendrix, Dr. Sue Johnson, watched numerous TED Talks and video materials, read books and studies and combined them with his own interviews with dozens of elderly couples, thousands of singles, people that are gender conscious, twins and multiples, his own students and his own Formula for True Love that was founded in 2011, tested in the following years which created a proven system to find True Love and keep True Love in your life.

Tony Verheij is a well-respected researcher on the topic of Love. His Formula for True Love has improved the Love lives of many. Through his system, new couples have found Love, and older couples have fallen in Love all over again. “The right partner, right now” has been his slogan since the beginning. He is the tinder that ignites the flame of True Love within us. According to him, True Love is not a fairytale, nor is it magic. It consists of logic, biology, easy-to-follow steps, and a lot of chemistry.

Use The Chemistry of Love to turn your old Love story into a magical Love reality. Are you ready to make, give and receive Love? Now is the time for your future Love!


Why does the divorce rate only go up even though fewer people get married? How come some fall out of Love after 7 months or don’t survive 7 years while others stay madly in Love for more than 70 years? How can YOU find and keep the right partner and stay madly in Love for the rest of your life? How to rekindle the flame, regain the chemistry and let the butterflies fly again?

In The Chemistry of Love, Tony Verheij demystifies the myths around True Love. In fact, there is a duplicable system on how to find and keep True Love in your life. True Love is not a miracle, it is not a Hollywood story. True Love is real, it’s a step-by-step system, it’s a formula, it is Biology, it is Chemistry. True Love is simple, just toss the right ingredients together, stir and POOF!

For singles and couples that want to rekindle their flame, get that chemistry in your Love life! Every good relationship can become a great relationship. Use this guide for being more in Love, more giving, more making and more receiving Love.


  • Instantly improve your Love life.
  • Get and keep the one you want.
  • Keep the Love alive.
  • Teach the children about Lust, Love, and Life.
  • Tell that your partner is the one.
  • Deal with obstacles or challenges in your relationship.
  • Prevent your partner cheating on you.
  • Read signals from your (potential) partner.
  • Create a lasting, loving relationship.
  • Have a better sex life within your Love life.


  • How to find your soul mate.
  • How online dating works when you’re not a model.
  • What soul sex feels like and how to get it.
  • How to detect and select a potential partner.
  • What all these happy golden oldies have in common.
  • How to open up for true Love.
  • Why dating tips will make you die alone.
  • Discover the effect Love chemicals have on your brain, body, and soul.
  • Learn the basic ingredient for the Formula For True Love.
  • Why most relationships are doomed to fail.
  • How to follow proven steps on the road to passion, intimacy and commitment.

Find and keep true Love in your life so that you can become that golden oldie with that golden partner. The right partner, right now!

  • Break the old patterns from your parents, lost Love, break ups and divorces and become a role model to your environment! Become that golden oldie that is happy from now until the end of days.
  • Become more attractive to your (potential) partner.
  • Fall in Love, every day and for the rest of your life.
  • Sing, be silly, have fun and be happy.
  • Be the Love you want to see in your life.
  • Be happy with yourself.
  • Make Love, give Love, and receive Love.
  • Trust your partner and yourself.
  • Fuel the eternal flame.
  • Let the butterflies fly.
  • Find the right path to true Love.
  • Understand your partner, the signals, and signs.
  • Have amazing soul sex.