Tony Dovale


Like many leadership and business experts, Tony Dovale has seen the words leadership and success defined in numerous ways. Is it all about material success, or being a leader or Greeder? Is REAL Leadership and true success meant only for a “chosen few” who are enabled to rise, like cream, to the top? Or, could you make a new and different story that transforms and transmutes your own life?

With over 3 decades of executive/business experience, facilitation, coaching, speaking, and real life hands-on in the trenches experience, Tony’s view is radically different from the fossil descriptions of leadership and success.

Tony appreciates, and shares with participants, that leadership is a moment-to-moment deep consciousness, mindfulness and choice. REAL Leadership and success, is definitely not about titles, occupations, position or power. SWIFT Leadership is for everyone, everywhere, on every level, every day. It’s how we should be living our lives; moment to moment, Heart to Heart and Soul to Soul.

“Corporate Soul Surgery”
Tony, is sometimes referred to as the “Provocateur” or cage-rattler, for his aptitude to shift perspectives, performance and results. He is also titled the “Soul Surgeon” for his deep-dive personal transformation and GO mindset activation work, that unleashes and engages the best in people, teams and companies.

Tony’s approach is experiential, action-learning focused, practical and street-savvy. Tony fuses real-life experiences and stories together with his profoundly impactful techniques, to connect with his participants in an intimate, intense and inspiring manner. He takes you to the next-level of possibility, and action, in your success: Life, leadership and Legacy.

High Performance Organisations (HPO) & Leadership
Tony has firsthand experience of the real impact that engaged, happy, resilient and inspired employees and effective leadership can have in creating High Performance Organisations (HPO). He is a certified facilitator of the Science of Happiness@work™, and continues to work with the most powerful tools for creating exponential Teamwork, high performance people and effective leadership development. These include Neuro Science Leadership, Tribal Leadership principles, HPO Framework, Appreciative Inquiry, GO Mindset Mastery, Psychological Capital, CLEARx Business Optimisation and Blue Ocean Innovation.

Inspiring Author:
Tony is author of SoulShift: Words to Move Your Soul, and SWIFT Success; A potentSelf-Leadership development book. Tony is the designer and facilitator of the Formula WON Success Ensurance System and the CLEARx Exponential Results Optimisation System.

Tony, a coach and facilitator by study and passion, created, managed and marketed a successful local Community Radio Station (CANI 94.7FM), as well as running Bop Broadcasting Media-Sales (5 channels). Tony is also an expert Business Speaker, Real Team Building Architect and Exponential Results facilitator.

Tony has committed the last 36+ years of his life’s journey to exploring and discovering the most potent Human Potential Technologies (HPT) and business transformation technologies; enabling him to assist and support people and teams in becoming more of who we truly are capable of being, for the good of all.


Everyone wants to be “successful”. Two BIG problems with that… 1. Actually getting to take action. And 2. The real problem occurs when you get your “success”, only to discover that it has all been a waste of time and isn’t what you really wanted!

Tony Dovale has invested most of his life exploring, testing and developing authentic strategies to ensure true success. He will:

  • Show you how to ReThink success and build a winners’ heart-mind-set that always succeeds.
  • Help you to discover what’s been keeping you from achieving your dreams, and how to move past it.
  • Show you how to remove your invisible Limiting Beliefs and Negative Self-Talk forever!
  • Reveal how distractions and automated-avoidance-actions are stealing your dreams and success.
  • Share how you can use the 4 levels of inspiration to rapidly transform your focus, actions and results.
  • Discover how you can be 7 times more valuable than “average Joe” in your business or team.

Tony shares his wisdom of Means-Goals versus Ends-Goals, and how failure is success with the right mindset. His powerful Mindset Mastery system stops the inner deception that prevents you from delivering optimal efforts and achieving exceptional results. Tony steps you through the SWIFT action creating process to ensure you create true success with greater self-worth and a new Identity, via his LifeShift Formula WON Success Ensurance System that works every time!

Tony shares the secrets to the first inner-war that you must win to enjoy true success, and how to get the drive to ensure you focus and take SWIFT Action to neutralize and counteract Learned Helplessness. His wisdom includes….why making decisions can be dangerous to your success, and the importance of mindset, emotional and energetic state, because Mindset really matters.

You will learn how to push past procrastination and rational resistance with your CORE driving passion fueled by your Soul’s goals, that will ensure greater freedom, love, abundance, peace and joy when you become your own Success Alchemist.

To achieve this you must learn how to manage and protect your CORE energy and mindset; remove your hidden thought viruses that are stealing your dreams, and use the power of The Gladiator Accountability Protocol that will SEAL your SWIFT actions, and destiny to ensure success. This includes Tony’s new 5 step system to activate your PURPOSE, and how to build a winner’s growth-oriented mindset to RE:THINK REAL Success.


A growth-oriented mindset that’s bullet-proof, ensures FIERCE Focus, SWIFT action & true success.

  • How to enhance your value to your business by 7 times more than others; 8.4x if you are a leader.
  • How to beat procrastination and take SWIFT action to create true success in every area of life.
  • Learn to THRIVE and FLOURISH with awe-inspiring resilience and optimism during difficult times.
  • Increased mental awareness and greater choice, dramatically increasing your leadership abilities, options and success potential.
  • STANDOUT by dramatically improving self-confidence, self-esteem with the Gladiator Accountability Protocol and SWIFT Action System.
  • Radically enhance your energy, mental acuity, decision-making and focusing ability.
  • Greater ability to make clear choices, in line with your Soul’s Goals to ENSURE true success.
  • How to permanently reduce or eliminate fear, anger, frustration, uncertainty and anxiety.
  • Dramatically increase your overall self-confidence, self-mastery, certainty, peace, joy and happiness.
  • Incorporate Soul Surgery to transform mindsets, teamwork, leadership effectiveness, organisational culture for exponential actions and results.
  • Discover & release what’s been holding you back all of your life. Free yourself from limited thinking.
  • Tools, frameworks and strategies to transform and effectively develop growth-oriented mindsets.

Tony Dovale’s “SWIFT SUCCESS” is not just about material or financial success. It is about crafting an ideal life and life-style, and then taking ACTION to make sure your success truly has value for you. Read it if you want to activate your inner spirit and passion to completely guarantee 100% chance of being success-full permanently.

Berns David Lucanas
Author of Time is Up!

Tony Dovale is an expert at transforming mindsets and ensuring action towards REAL Results! He’s incredibly knowledgeable, and he’s done all the research and homework to simplify the success process. If you want to bring action into your life and business to ENSURE greater success faster, experience Tony’s “SWIFT SUCCESS” Mindset.

Guy Bowden
Author of Gain Without Pain!

Tony Dovale’s “SWIFT SUCCESS” is one of the most powerful dragon-slaying methods you will find today. It’s a fresh, insightful and profound shift from the usual old goal-setting and goal-getting in the material world. This book will give you the boost to take massive focused action to guarantee success in every area of your life.

Dr. Jose Cross
Author of Business is Booming

“SWIFT SUCCESS” goes beyond the common essentials, and shows you simple and profound processes and approaches that will empower and energise you to take massive SWIFT Action. If you are ready and committed to move from stuck… to spark… to flame… to fire and then to unstoppable furnace power in every area of your life, then this is the book to get you there… fastest!

J. Michael Cavitt
Author of The “R” Effect

Tony’s book, “SWIFT SUCCESS” is the only system you will need to ensure greater success in your life. A must read for everyone wanting to live a happy, fulfilling and enjoyable life. This is much needed in these challenging times. Rethink leadership and success and build a SMARTER life for all.

Dr. Robert Chen
Author of Power Prof

At a time when everyone is being bombarded with useless messages, Tony’s book provides wonderful perspectives and powerful tools for each of us to achieve real success and happiness. Tony challenges and inspires the readers by sharing his personal experiences and wisdom, to which, combined with the Success Activator system, provides the internal push we all need to create a different, and more meaningful life. This is powerful stuff.

Marlene Ward
President of the JHB Professional Speakers Association of South Africa (Past)

Upon thinking Expertise, Sincerity, Integrity, Knowledge, real Transformation… Just one name springs to mind; Tony Dovale! He’s the REAL deal.

Max Kaan
President of The South African Academy of Hypnosis