Tom Willems


For more than 10 years, Tom Willems has gathered a vast body of knowledge, mainly from his trips to the Mexican Yucatan. Now he’s passionate to share what he learned on how to free oneself with everyone who chooses to take action to improve their lives.

In 2000, after graduating with distinction with a Master’s Degree in Translation & Communication in Antwerp, he began his career in the marketing department of a Belgian supermarket chain. Five years later, a burning desire had arisen in his heart to be free, just sit in bars and write a book… A normal life seems to lie ahead but Tom decided otherwise. Fed up with his nine-to-five life, in an old VW camper van full of books about the Maya, Buddhism and Quantum Physics, he’s headed South to Spain with only one thought on his mind: to be alone in nature, far away from everything known. There, he devours the books he collected, while carefully taking notes in black albums.

Months later back in Belgium, he feels totally alienated. He decides to dedicate all of his time to his ‘mission’ to write books, and gradually stepped out of the system. Initially, he had the time of his life, living at low cost in a caravan and later in a chalet in the woods. He repeatedly travelled to Mexico to explore the Lands of the Maya he loves so much. Inevitably, after a few years he ended up broke, deeply in debt, and broken-hearted in the woods, with little people interaction.

Further on the road, all of his tribulations proved to be blessings in disguise by which he gained tremendous insight. He understood that any perceived failure is truly a challenge, and will bring anyone one step closer to a freedom of mind that one never before imagined. In the love arena, he realized how true love is unconditional. By learning how to overcome his losses, he grasped how they are set up with the only goal to empower us, become a better person and to serve others.

Now his first book is born. Tom Willems follows his inner call to inspire people in remembering their true identity and live up to their full potential as a human being. He is known for his boyish enthusiasm, playful and naughty spirit. He is a passionate speaker, offers ‘Heavenly Dew’ coaching workshops and organizes journeys to the Mexican Yucatan. His keen interests in the Mayan culture & Shamanic healing techniques prove a solid basis for his book.


How come we live on a planet covered by concrete? Why can’t we drink from our rivers anymore that no one wants to swim in, and yet all seem to comply?

How come most people live a totally different life than the life they really want to live?

Do you sometimes have the feeling you are here for something ‘bigger’ and more adventurous than THIS?

In THE ROAR OF FREEDOM, Tom Willems presents the “3-Step Program to Free your Mind” that he dug up during his journey, living through every step of the way. In this powerful book, he translates an ancient Mayan method into simple tools that you too, can easily apply to 21st Century’s daily life.

These valuable tools will help you open up your heart, break free, and live your dream.

Learn how to…

  • You can finally break through the walls of fear and self-doubt, by mastering emotions and thoughts that have held you back until now.
  • To embrace every moment as it presents itself in your life by always looking for the gold.
  • To enjoy playing the game!

In these pages you will uncover…

Break FREE from old thought patterns and beliefs that don’t serve you anymore. Rediscover the magic everywhere around you, live your dream and inspire others in doing so.

  • Discover an ancient Mayan legend.
  • Learn about the five stages of the Mayan civilization and see how, only now, we’re entering the final stage!
  • Read how you too, just like the Author, can turn struggle and failure into a success story.
  • See the simple steps you can take to be free again.
  • Remember who you REALLY are and maybe even where you came from.
  • Start remembering what exactly you came here for on Earth, making it a more beautiful place.
  • Break through the walls of fear and doubt by which you’ve kept yourself imprisoned.
  • Transform the beliefs and convictions by which you’ve kept yourself smaller than you truly are.
  • Enter the Sacred Space in your heart where we’re all one, one with creation, and at the same time the Creator of all things Itself.
  • Become innocent again.
  • See the joke of taking ourselves too seriously!
  • Get inspired by other people’s dreams and admire the diversity.
  • Play your game!
  • Live YOUR dream!

“There’s something about Tom that quickly inspires and gives confidence. His ‘Auch!!’ story about his struggle, apparent failure and how he used that experience to take his life to another level is both touching and inspiring. The great thing about his book is that it offers tools that are so simple and right under our noses, yet so often overseen in today’s fast-paced society. Tom saw them and he shared his treasure in a very loving way.” – Tan Choon Kiang, Author of LIFE MAKEOVER

“THE ROAR OF FREEDOM should be a compulsory reading for all graduates. It gives a fiery impulse to a new movement of freedom, independance and expression of the beauty that resides in each and every one of us.” – LENAghaz, Author of BYE BYE BAGGAGE

“A must-read for anyone who wants to be free and take life in its own hands.” – Wendy Eng, Author of HAPPYFREE