Tim Voss


Tim Voss purchased a struggling business in 2003 and was thrust to the brink of failure during the infamous economic recession of 2008. In the midst of that storm, however, he found the inspiration that helped him turn the corner. Today, his business is thriving and, despite its unusually hard-to-find location, is reviewed as the best around!

Mr. Voss’s road to success in small business took a unique route that spanned 25 years in corporate America before he made the choice to pursue entrepreneurial freedom and success. His career includes marketing products for famous brands like Spalding Sports Worldwide, the National Basketball Association (NBA), and Major League Baseball (MLB). He derived critical cash management skills as the general manager of Roadmaster Bicycles, the largest-volume mountain bike producer in America at the time, as well as serving as president of cash-strapped businesses Flexible Flyer Toys and Lee Middleton Original Dolls.

All these challenges and his skills at marketing innovation paid dividends that led him to turn decades of enormous counter-seasonal losses into year-round positive cash flow in the bowling center business he acquired in 2003.

Taking the leap from the comfort of a high-paying corporate career to the unknown of an entrepreneur’s world was a risk that was perhaps inevitable. Mr. Voss grew up in a family of entrepreneurs, with parents and both sets of grandparents owning small businesses themselves. That rare and wonderful merging of corporate tutelage and entrepreneurial upbringing provided him with the skills and courage and creativity to identify out-of-the-box methods to generate the cash needed to fuel growth plans. His life as an entrepreneur has enabled him to achieve extraordinary self-satisfaction, and he aims to share that feeling with others who are looking to join the 5 Percenters at the Top of their Game.


Statistics reveal terribly high failure rates for small business. Entrepreneurship does not come with an instruction manual. Thus, the choices you make will determine your success or failure. Be a CASHpreneur®: How to Be an Entrepreneur THAT THRIVES Not Just Survives shares a series of insights learned by an entrepreneur who actually overcame adversity, including some that he openly admits he created for himself. Learn what it takes to join the ranks of the 5% at the top of the game. His CASHpreneur philosophy will help you turn your business upside down to shake out everything it has to offer. Be inspired and grow your confidence by realizing the special opportunity that you, as an entrepreneur, have to achieve Maslow-like self-actualization in your life’s work.


  • Break the cycle of just getting by and end the feeling that you never have enough cash to fund the accomplishments you aspire to achieve.
  • Lead, never follow, and view your business through the eyes of a CASHpreneur, one who uncovers revenue and cash that are hidden right there in plain sight.
  • Lead your small business like a world-class CEO and make those long workdays productive.
  • Engage in all the new technology that is available at your fingertips to market your business, all while reducing cost.
  • Instill first-class service in your business that will put your business on top.
  • Evaluate ALL of your assets, not just your products, to expand your customer list and grow sales.


  • Awaken your ability to face inevitable tough times in a whole new manner, with a different perspective that will help you make your business soar and your life more productive.
  • Profit by helpful ideas to position your business in the eyes of your customers, boldly bring new customers to your establishment, and utilize inventive solutions to fill your checking account with cash.
  • Ultimately, you will view the choice of entrepreneurship as the greatest life choice you have ever made.

“If you have ever wondered why some people rise to the top while others stay stuck in mediocrity, this book—Be a CASHpreneur®—will answer that question and many more. Tim Voss has penned a terrific book that will demonstrate to you exactly what it takes to make your business thrive and prosper. Here are three quick things you need to do right now: (1) Buy this book, (2) do what it tells you to do, and (3) join the ranks of the 5% Club by working your tail off!”
—Barry Spilchuk
Co-author, A Cup of Chicken Soup for the Soul and founder, You’re My Hero® Books

“This book is a must read for all the business owners out there who have been wondering what they have gotten themselves into. Tim Voss is passionate, and guides you to seeing business from a whole new perspective. This is the ultimate resource to overcoming setbacks, mastering your craft and creating a life you’ve always dreamed of.”
—Gerry Robert
Speaker and international bestselling author of
The Millionaire Mindset, Multiply Your Business, and Publish a Book & Grow Rich

“With a dynamic entrepreneur’s mindset, Tim Voss shares what it takes for today’s small business owner to become one of the elite 5% Club, and not just another statistic. Entrepreneurship is indeed tough, as Tim discusses the realities of building a business and faces them head on. He speaks from his personal experience and from his heart, a heart that genuinely desires to see you win in business and in life.”
—Deborah Turton
Director of Operations
Black Card Books

“What are the risks of shifting from a seemingly stable corporate career to become your own boss? Be prepared to be mind-blown.”
—Jean-Guy Francoeur
Author of the international bestseller Messy Manager
Managing Partner and Founder
Visture Property Group