Dr. Thana Sathasivam



Dr. Thana Sathasivam leverages on more than 25 years of managerial experience in corporate, government and academic settings to address a broad range of problems and challenges faced by individuals, teams, leaders and organisations. These include critical issues faced by today’s organisations in areas involving project management, business process re-engineering, technology transfer, knowledge sharing, leadership & mentoring and people development. As she started working more and more with people in the project management front, she realized personal development requires constant reminders. Some people just needed a little push. She noticed her interest started to be skewed towards personal development for the individual as opposed to teams within corporations. This led her to begin her training to become a Transformation Coach and Certified Trainer.

As a coach, she is empathetic, dedicated and highly focused on achieving results. She employs an approach to coaching that is non-judgmental, unbiased and unflinching in ensuring that client objectives are achieved. Her coaching practice is indeed unique, experience-driven and highly differentiated. Her programs combine mind work and inner voice work as tools to be used to take action to achieve one’s goals and ambitions. After becoming a certified trainer, Dr. Thana began focusing more on “soft-skill related training” —helping people realize their personal branding so they can optimize their unique skills to achieve personal goals. During weekends, she has started helping more than 700 individuals to create their “Personal Differentiation” in their respective area and achieve great levels of success.

Dr. Thana, whose desire is to make a difference, wants to create a world where people know they are the captain of their ship. She defines success based on the simple steps taken in channeling the focus on an idea. She strongly believes that without procrastination and with a little confidence, one can complete 60% of the tasks at hand.

When not giving speeches, conducting coaching or training her programs, you can find Dr Thana practicing yoga or sweating after a Zumba session or peacefully practicing Carnatic singing.


Are you tired of your daily routine? Are you placing a boundary around yourself and imagining this is the ONLY life for you, but it is leading nowhere? Is there something that you plan to pursue but are you dismissing it? Sometimes we brush away that little voice that wants more because we worry about the challenges that we may have to face. Now is the time to access your courage to understand what you are capable of accomplishing. If you are finding you can’t get a good night’s sleep because the one thing you want is constantly on your mind until you wake up again and begin the same mundane daily routine, then maybe it’s time to start doing something about it. You weren’t born to just work, pay bills, manage your family and die. The truth is you have the capacity for GREATNESS inside you, far beyond what you are currently achieving. If you are ready to discover what that is, then this book is for you. You will learn to listen to your inner voice to help you discover the powerful yet simple changes you can do to achieve great things… Silence the surroundings and allow your inner voice to guide you.


Reconnect with your inner sage to discover what is holding you back and take this wisdom to catapult yourself forward against all odds. Break free, regain control of your life, and embrace yourself to take actions!


Finally realize the capacity you have to do great things and unleash your potential. Be your best version of yourself!

  • Discover the limiting conditioning you experience at the different stages of life
  • Understand the ways on how to break free from the conditioning experience
  • Uncover what stops you from achieving your goals and desires
  • Learn how the mind works and complement it with your inner voice
  • Strategies to show you how to “see” from your mind’s eye so you can manifest from inwards to outwards
  • Understand how to use the mind model and your inner voice as tools you can use to your advantage to take action
  • Learn the tips to be more confident to push forward
  • Strategize how to establish a boundary that helps you make it happen
  • Uncover tactics to stay grounded and revisit the personal mind model every now and then
  • Determine how to strengthen your capabilities to support personal mind model to progress forward better