Tash Hildebrand-Lockie


Tash Hildebrand-Lockie leads women to reclaim their power and self-worth from the energetic impacts of patriarchy, and is a writer, speaker and facilitator of women’s circles and healing retreats.

Tash has a unique background, completing bachelor’s degrees in English literature and chemical engineering, an interdisciplinary master’s degree in environmental studies, and intensive study over two years into the body’s chakras and energy systems. She drew on this diverse training to ‘de-engineer’ the system of patriarchy in a new way – to see how it works from an energetic perspective to make us feel inadequate and needlessly competitive. Tash is on a mission to help people, especially women, have a better understanding of their unique patriarchal shadows, and to develop the tools to break free from them.

Tash grew up believing women could be and do anything they wanted. It wasn’t until attending her first women’s circle in her early thirties that she realised she had been held down by shadow energies of patriarchy, in particular toxic comparison, without realising it. In a single moment, she changed her life direction completely. Tash recognises that when women come together there is an enormous opportunity to heal not just each other, but our entire society as well.

Tash spent the first decade of her career working with large corporates, councils and organisations to improve their environmental sustainability practices. She is also a graduate of the nationally recognised Centre for Sustainability Leadership’s Fellowship Program. She is known for her authenticity, youthful spirit and calm nature. The Patriarchy Illusion is her first book.


Do you ever feel not quite good enough, despite how successful you are? Are you tired of striving and working so hard? Do you think that even when you’re succeeding in one area of your life, you’re behind in another?

The Patriarchy Illusion offers a compelling guide to discovering hidden yet powerful energetic influences hindering your happiness and true success.

Patriarchy has been the dominant social structure in the West for thousands of years. Yet underneath patriarchy’s basic premise – that men are superior to women – lies an even greater illusion. This book points out that the essence of patriarchy is hierarchical, and that this has resulted in artificial hierarchies not only between genders, but between us all. Hierarchical thinking can result in shadow emotions, such as toxic comparison, shame or feeling inadequate. Despite being unnecessary and ultimately a mirage, shadow energies of patriarchy can keep you stuck when you’re not aware of them.

In this book, author Tash Hildebrand-Lockie shares her concept of the patriarchal shadow in a relatable and down-to-earth way. She reveals to you how you may be unknowingly placing your worth on invisible, or sometimes quite visible, hierarchies in certain areas of your life. Equipping you with practical tools, interviews, and case studies of inspiring women and men, The Patriarchy Illusion will reconnect you with your true worth and power within.


Your own patriarchal shadow is unique, and you can begin to be free of it by understanding it. The Patriarchy Illusion helps you to have clarity on how your patriarchal shadow may be playing out for you in the following core life areas

  • Career – are you anxiously trying to climb the corporate ladder or are you striving to attain success in business?
  • Personality – do you feel ashamed of some aspect of you?
  • Appearance – are you seeking the perfect body or look?
  • Relationships – do you want to be associated with only a certain kind of person?
  • Wealth – are you constantly comparing your income and wealth with your colleagues, friends and family members?
  • Intelligence – do you often feel not smart enough or not knowledgeable enough?
  • Possessions – are you always wanting to buy more and more material things?
  • Spirituality – do you believe that you will only be happy once you have achieved a certain level of personal development or spiritual enlightenment?


Unravelling common unconscious thinking patterns, The Patriarchy Illusion brings to light the truth: you are already worthy and powerful, right here and now.

  • Recognise your own patriarchal shadow and how it operates in your world.
  • Understand why you easily get stuck in patterns of working hard and not being able to switch off.
  • Learn how to genuinely accept those parts of you that you think aren’t good enough.
  • Free yourself from a toxic relationship and/ or friendships, and enjoy more loving and accepting relationships with your loved ones.
  • Gain a new appreciation for your body and its wisdom.
  • Discover common hidden beliefs about money that keep you from attracting more abundance into your life.
  • Read inspiring stories of the freedom and mental clarity that comes when you detach yourself from ‘stuff’.
  • Embrace your natural ability to access universal intelligence, regardless of your supposed IQ.
  • Avoid the trap of trying to be spiritual.
  • Empower yourself by learning to disarm your patriarchal shadow from within.
  • Reconnect with and appreciate your real strengths and gifts.