Sudarshan Bhagat & Nisha Dogra


Dr. Sudarshan Bhagat is a medical doctor with MD in Pathology. He has been in medical profession for more than 30 years and has vast experience in patient care, diagnosis and management. He has been at different levels of position both patient management and administration. He worked as professor in one of the premier medical institutes known as Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education and Research, Chandigarh India and at various positions in University of British Columbia ( UBC ), Vancouver, Canada. Dr. Bhagat has written a number of research papers in both national and international journals and also presented the papers in various international medical conferences. He has been actively involved in a number of voluntary organizations and helping the needy and the suffering humanity.Dr. Bhagat has been delivering health talk shows on various radios and TV shows and creating health awareness about various diseases including AIDS, hepatitis B and C, other sexually transmitted infections, substance abuse in younger population, and cancer prevention programs. He has been involved in charitable societies including Canadian cancer society.

Dr. Nisha Dogra is CEO and founder of Advanced Genomics, a leading preventive healthcare corporation that specializes in comprehensive health assessment at the molecular level and designs personalized disease prevention programs. Dr. Dogra is a medical geneticist with a PhD in molecular biology. She has been in the research field for more than three decades and has vast experience in disease prevention at the molecular level, as well as healthcare management. Dr. Dogra has served on the UBC Faculty of Medicine, as well as at Vancouver General Hospital, since 2001. She earned her second master’s degree in healthcare management in California, as well as a post-doctorate fellowship from the University of Montreal, Quebec. Dr. Dogra has published several scientific publications in international journals.Dr. Nisha Dogra completed the Faculty Development Program of the Medical Council of Canada, Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada, and is a member of the American College of Healthcare Executives, Bio Venture Global, Vancouver Coastal Health Authority, and many other reputable healthcare organizations. Dr. Dogra is also a certified Canadian natural nutritional practitioner.Dr. Nisha Dogra is actively involved in promoting awareness in the common public about health and wellness through live seminars, health events, and media. Dr. Dogra appears regularly on television and radio programs, and her insightful work is often published in local newspapers and magazines. She provides beneficial information about the role of genes in personalized disease prevention, as well as in nutrition.


The number of people with various diseases and health conditions is increasing, in spite of the modern technology available to us in the healthcare field and the expertise of many skilled medical professionals. Diseases that used to affect those in their 60s and 70s are now targeting younger generations. Moreover, a large number of people are going about their lives, afflicted with chronic conditions they are not yet aware of.

Many live in the fear that at any time, they may find themselves trapped in the vicious cycle of disease and medication. Many are afraid they will pass undesirable conditions on to their children and grandchildren. Undernourished, expectant mothers are far more likely to have babies with growth retardation and low birth weights. Inherited variations can highly impact a child’s genetic coding. Children whose parents are afflicted with any of the A child is very susceptible and at high risk if either parent is afflicted with any of the following conditions: high blood pressure; high cholesterol; thyroid, skin, heart, liver, lung, or kidney disease; hormone or blood sugar imbalance; stress, anxiety, or depression; asthma and other respiratory problems; allergies; arthritis; and cancer.

Obesity is another growing epidemic in developed countries in adults and children. By the time overweight children reach their 20s, they can expect to be diagnosed with diseases that normally affect people in their 60s and 70s. In addition to this, according to school statistics, every year, the number of special education students increases. In teens, a lack of concentration may result in poor school performance, and about 30 to 50 percent of these continue to have symptoms into adulthood. In addition to these problems, alcohol, and substance abuse disorders have a strong genetic basis, and children of alcoholic parents have a much greater likelihood of developing a substance abuse disorder. In our modern world, most of the diseases are multifactorial in aetiology, and it is very difficult to pinpoint a single cause. A whole host of factors, including diet and nutrition, lifestyle, environment, behavior, and genetics plays a major role.

The good news is that most of these diseases are preventable and reversible, as long as timely actions are taken in the right way. There are ways to get in shape, get healthy, live longer, and pass healthy genes on to our coming generations, as well as protect them from dreadful diseases.



How likely are you to face certain health conditions influenced by your genes, food, lifestyle, behavior, and environment? HealthTime™ provides early information about diseases that may be developing within the body. This wonderful source of information for health promotion and disease prevention highlights the consequences of ill health and the benefits of good health. There is uncertainty about health and life, as well as in relationships. At any age, one can be trapped in the cycle of diseases and lifelong treatments. Early information and early intervention are the keys to breaking this cycle and be healthy.

HealthTime™ offers early solutions for prevention of most health conditions, strategies and tools that will enable you to restore health, create happiness, live a life of high performance, and generate abundant wealth. You will feel younger and more energetic, with better endurance, fully charged to take quick action and make right decisions at the right time on major life goals. The main focus is to silence the expressed genes in a natural way at the maximum level.

In this book, you will discover how risk factors of various health disorders differ in both genders. You will learn how the hormones protect and harm you. You will also find out how the risks of degenerative diseases increase in midlife. Discover how the Y chromosome in males contributes to the development of various diseases and why women taking estrogen well beyond menopause have an increased risk of heart attacks, strokes, and blood clots. This book highlights the benefits of early information about a child’s growth, health, fitness level, immune system, and mental power to live a healthy life. Discover how children of alcoholic parents have a much higher likelihood of developing a substance abuse disorder and how timely actions can save your child from dreadful health conditions.

Early information and early intervention are the keys to breaking this cycle of diseases and restoring health so you can get the most out of your life.


HealthTime™ creates awareness about the importance of health. Early information about health risks can help us better prepare, with plenty of options for restoring and ensuring health. Those who are already suffering can reverse the disease process and improve your quality of life.

• Take control of your own health, without being dependent on others, regardless of your age or gender.
• Understand the importance of health and how timely information and intervention can help you reverse or prevent most health conditions.
• Take care of your health in the early stages, rather than waiting for the development of advanced disease.
• Give quality time to your kids and make smart choices about food for you and your whole family.
• Understand the importance of staying healthy during pregnancy, which is as important for your unborn baby as it is for you.
• Understand the importance of genes and gene expression and how these play a role in passing diseases on to the next generation.
• Find awareness about the value of prevention and make the right choices to save time and money.
• Teenagers will learn how to deal with emotions, manage anger, stay focused, and well manage the physical changes of adolescence and puberty.
• Couples will understand each other in a better way and build strong, sweet relationships.
• Learn how to cope wisely with midlife crises and feel 25 at 50.
• Seniors will learn about degenerative diseases and how they can prevent them.
• Learn the real secret behind gaining weight and lose it in simple, easy ways.