Stanley Beckett


Stanley Beckett co-founded Invision coaching in 2007 with the vision to change the mindsets of thousands. He studied to become a consciousness life and executive coach through CCI International. He then travelled to the USA to study personally under his mentor, the great Bob Proctor and thereafter became one of the first LifeSuccess Consultants in Africa. He continued his studies and in December of 2010 he once again travelled to the USA to study under Bob Proctor to become one of only twenty Thinking Into Results Facilitators trained personally by Bob Proctor and Sandy Gallagher. He was also the first Thinking Into Results Facilitator in Africa. He took these programs to new heights and has since developed the world class “Thinking Into Sales”, “Body Language” and “Advanced Thinking” courses.

He has studied under world-class mentors and teachers such as Bob Proctor, Gerry Robert, T. Harv Echer, Brandan Burchard, John Maxwell, Paul Martenelli, Andy Harrington, and Les Brown, among others.

Stanley’s approach is open, fun, warm and caring. He has been responsible in changing the lives of many individuals.


Why is it that so many people set goals but never seem to reach the heights they know they are capable of? Why do so many people get excited about the new year, a time when they can set new resolutions, only to be disappointed a few months later because they have once again failed to keep them? Why do so many companies struggle to grow or achieve the success they envision? It is because most people have never learned the two fundamentals of goals: (1) How to set proper goals which inspire and motivate; and (2) How to go about achieving those goals. Liftoff – The Secret Keys to Launching Your Goals is the all-in-one, step-by-step guide to not only setting the right goals in life, but also learning the secrets to achieving these goals.

Learn how to…
Finally break through the cycle of setting goals without being disappointed or losing faith in yourself. This book introduces you to a powerful goal-setting and achievement system. You will learn not only the process for setting powerful goals, but more importantly, how the mind works and how to get your most powerful tool – your mind – to work for you instead of against you. You will learn the biggest mistakes people make when reaching for their goals and not only how to avoid them, but also how to overcome and break through these barriers.

Uncover in these pages…

  • The importance of setting goals.
  • How to go about setting the right goals for you.
  • The power of the mind as it applies to your goals.
  • How to get your subconscious to work for instead of against you.
  • How to tip the scales in your favour.
  • The importance of vision when it comes to goals.
  • How to break goals down so that you can win.
  • How to identify and work with the alien within that will attempt to sabotage you.
  • How to overcome the fear that holds us all back.
  • The power of persistence – just going for it!

“When the Liftoff program was introduced to me, I was going through some life challenges that under normal circumstances could have been rather debilitating and challenging. Not only was I able to face these challenges head-on, but the results in this and every other facet of my life have truly been transformed to an amazing level that, at the time, I would never have thought was remotely possible.”
– Mike Jackson,
Executive Head of Vodacom

Liftoff is the first training course which has had such a positive impact on our staff. It has forced me personally to acknowledge how weak I was in setting goals. It has helped me to recognise all my bad habits. It has made me aware of the aspirations of my fellow colleagues, and I realise that we all fall into the trap of giving up too easily. It has also helped us sort out the goals of each of our divisions.”
– Graham Horesfield,
CEO of Setpoint

The Liftoff program has helped me on the road thus far in the first step towards achieving my goals. I have shared the insights and knowledge gained with my employees and seen the great results of this in my success so far. It has helped me improve my relationship with my family and my colleagues, because I understand what I want, and how their interaction with me benefits them and me. I am already on the road to achieving those goals.
– Warren Erasmus,
MD, Meter Systems