Stania Rensberger


Stania Rensberger is an author, public speaker, and mentor. Her powerful message “The Best is Yet to Come“, which is also a title of her book, focuses primarily on women over 40 years old. She loves to teach and developed many systems and guidelines that can make your life easier and more pleasant.

She grew up in Prague, Czechoslovakia which was at that time a communist country without any freedom, ownership or entrepreneurship. She embraces the opportunities available in our country. Stania was a commercial real estate broker, owner of an organizing business called SOS (Stania’s Organizing Systems) and now she is focusing on helping other women to stay young and healthy, to live their lives on their terms, and to realize their dreams.

She always strives for excellence. During her commercial real estate career, she earned a prestigious designation CCIM – Certified Commercial Investment Member. She is proud of making one transaction with McDonald’s but still, refrains from eating in any fast food places. She also managed commercial buildings in Reno Nevada and an apartment building in San Diego.

While practicing her organizing enterprise, she often spoke at San Diego downtown information center’s events on the subject of downsizing from living in large houses to downtown condos. She also wrote articles for Downtown News, such as “How to prepare for living downtown”.

She is a role model for staying young, fit and healthy. She loves to inspire women to indulge in luxuries without breaking a bank. She is a wine connoisseur and is best known for her gourmet cooking and wine pairing. She loves to travel, and she goes to Prague every other year to visit her Czech family.


As you grow older, you may experience signs of aging, stress, lack of time for yourself, inevitable life changes and loses. You may actually buy into the popular myth that turning 40 means midlife crisis.

From my own experience, getting older means getting wiser. With the wisdom and experiences you accumulated over the years, you are free to create the life you really desire. You can choose to live young at any age, reinvent yourself, and live the best years of your life if you want to.


In the pages of “The Best is Yet to Come”, you will learn to break away from the accepted myth of midlife crisis and embrace creative aging. You will realize that you have so much to look forward to in your upcoming years.


  • You will discover your personal fountain of youth.
  • You will learn how to enhance your environment to reflect your personality.
  • You will grasp the power of Feng Shui for more harmony, health and wealth.
  • You will turn the middle crisis into creative aging.
  • You will shower yourself with luxuries without breaking a bank.
  • You will turn the pain of loss into a new beginning.
  • You will realize that the best is yet to come no matter how old you are now.