Stacy Trujeque


Stacy is the owner and beauty coach at Exalt Her Media and owner of ADARAE BEAUTY AND SKIN CARE. With a background in Business and Women’s studies, she is passionate about empowering women in building confidence, beauty, and vitality, as well as expressing it authentically, everywhere they go.

She has worked in the Aesthetic industry for the past 7 years, has done commercial modeling and has great knowledge of skin care and beauty treatments. She knows the benefits of taking care of your skin, the difficulties stress can cause on aging, etc and has a passion for inner beauty and personal development. She is extremely excited to share EXALT HER and what that means in book form as we have been doing talks and events for 8 years. Stacy says, “When women are at their best, they bring out the best in everything else.” Let’s bring more love and light to the world!


Exalt Her book is about awakening what’s already inside and radiating your unstoppable beauty.

This book is great for:

• Someone starting a new career or season in their life and wants a boost of confidence.
• Someone who wants to vibrate their God-given beauty and unleash who they really are!
• Someone seeking a new mate.
• Someone feeling stuck and maybe too busy and overworked and ready for a pick me up.
• Someone exploring a new time of their life and ready to make some changes and attract more happiness, money and improve their relationship to self and others.

It is a journey of rediscovery, exalting and unleashing your divine given beauty, by removing the chains of the past, removing the conformities of learned beauty behaviors, and instead finding the beauty that can emerge from inside you. You will be vibrating at a new level, (NOT ATTAINING BEAUTY BUT RADIATING IT). The aim is a beauty so unwavering you can attract everything you want and share your light with the world.


Level up your beauty and confidence. Feel beautiful in your own form and attract what is meant for you! Step up your confidence with simple steps that are actually doable, not just speaking but showing you how you can do it. Focus on what you want and bring that to the forefront of your life. And finally, master the best way to make decisions and not stay stagnant.


Stacy Trujeque helps women bring out who they naturally are so they can bring the world their light and have more personal fulfillment, confidence, and love.

• Power up and level up your sense of beauty and confidence and watch how it affects all areas of your life.
• Let go of soul ties and things that are holding you back from who you are.
• Stop hacking at the leaves and just trying to shine them up, let’s dig into the roots and express its true
• Start attracting those things that will actually fulfill you.
• Let beauty work for you instead of being a slave to it.
• Get an idea of what people are really seeing when they talk to you, as your energy speaks before you do.
• Understand the steps to real fulfillment!
• Watch yourself emerging.
• Understand love and how it’s received so you can love yourself and allow others to love you in all the deep places with no fear.
• Unleash who you really are at its full expression. I am here for it!