Stacey Odgers


Stacey Odgers has been a well-known financial advisor to affluent family businesses and Fortune 500 business executives for over 30 years. Her career began in 1989 as one of the first females at The Vanguard Group of Investments at age 19. She has since expanded her consulting services to coaching and speaking on leadership. She is an executive director, coach, and speaker with The John Maxwell Group, who speaks on these topics around the world.

After working with the owners and their families of private and public businesses, Stacey discovered many areas outside of finance that was contributing to the difficulties of decision-making for business growth and succession planning. She realized she could use not only her financial expertise and degrees but also her communications degree to create leaders within the organization and create connectivity amongst the owners, family members, executives, and employees.

Her work often turned to coaching many of her clients in their personal development of overcoming obstacles. This prompted her to write this book to help those who want a more abundant life to discover their self-limiting beliefs so they can move past growth inhibitions to a wealthier person. She was always a servant leader, and now shares her insights learned through the various exercises to becoming what she coined Y. E . S .: Becoming “Your Exceptional Self”.

She thrives by speaking to everyone she meets with a message of forgiveness of past offenses to new growth that can propel them to their goals in life. By teaching leaders of international associations, businesses, governments, and our youth with John Maxwell and his team, she has been able to mentor them in leadership training and personal growth. In her travels, she touches lives because she cares deeply for others, helping them succeed in life.

Stacey resides in the suburbs of Philadelphia with her three daughters. Aside from Train Your Brain, which she targets to release this year, she is also working on her next book on servant leadership.


When you feel lost and stuck in life, sometimes you just need that nudge from a friend to get you back on track. I hope to be that friend through this book, to awaken your mind and spirit. Sleepwalking through life prohibits growth, which, in turn, disallows you to live a full life. When a hurt is too deep or a problem seems to have no solution, the exercises will show you how you can take control. “Chose” is the keyword! Your life is a product of after-moment choices. I will help you take the first step to intentionally shift your paradigms of old. You will learn how forgiveness equals freedom. When you feel free, you create a space to grow. It is time to declutter the closets of your mind.

This book will help you trash beliefs that no longer serve you, and explore how to reorganize your thoughts to find your true self. Our mind is the gateway to our hearts—both need to be in sync to create the life you want. I will lay the blueprint to follow to assist you to improve any area of your life. Your goals are attainable from the moment you awaken and learn to live presently. You will find peace in decision-making because they are already mapped out before you. All you need to do is spend some time with yourself. You’ll see how easy it is to get there when you know your destination.


You can finally break the chains of indecision and get unstuck in life once and for all. This book will show you how to set the right goals for you to achieve your own happiness, not someone else’s. You will be able to see in a split second who has held you back from your dreams and why. Exercising gratitude through forgiveness can help you to become
Your Exceptional Self. YES!


  • Learn why have you stayed stuck for so long.
  • Learn how to create easy daily habits that improve your mind and health.
  • Learn how awareness and success are related and how you can strike gold.
  • Be proactive about your mental discipline to achieve your Y.E.S. (“Your Exceptional Self”).
  • Get rid of the anger and guilt once and for all.
  • Learn how to say No and THIS IS NOT AN OPTION. Learn from experiences and say, “Never again!”
  • Learn how gratitude boosts your attitude and increases your altitude to fly to your life’s dreams.
  • Learn to stop worrying and take control of your life by shifting your self-talk.
  • Learn how to practice the steps of forgiveness to freedom.
  • Become a sales pro and increase sales through learning to connect.
  • Discover the steps to gain ultimate influence through leadership.

“Have you had the realization that you seem to be taking care of everyone else’s needs and then you wondered, ‘Hey, I wish someone would take care of me for a while!’ Many books tell you WHAT to do – this delightful ‘Wake-up’ call is filled with relevant ‘How to’ information so you can reclaim your peace, your power, and your prosperity. It’s real, it’s relevant and it puts you in the driver’s seat so you take 100% responsibility for designing and living the life you were born to celebrate.”

—Barry Spilchuk
Founder of www.The and Coauthor of A Cup of Chicken Soup for the Soul

“This is so great! Stacey’s positivity reads through the pages of this book. Being in a state of complete mental self-awareness and control is not just a goal, but a dream in itself. Train Your Brain puts you on the driver’s seat and leaves you in complete control of your decisions, being ultimately responsible for how your life plays out.”

—Nikki Arnold

“Training one’s self to shift their perspective and see the positive side of everything is exhausting. It is so easy to dwell in all the negativity and have excuses readily available and at one’s disposal. Train Your Brain puts a stop to all this nonsense, and puts YOU in charge of going out there and getting things done!”

—Sherry Brantley
Author of STEPP (Start to Exercise Personal Power)

“It’s tough to see life as what it really is: An unending string of choices. Guided by Stacey, clear your perpetually cluttered mind and make better decisions that will benefit you in the long run. This book will help people realize that their goals have always been attainable, they just need the clarity and commitment to see it all through.”

—Rhonda Uretzky
Author of The Blissful Warrior