Shirley Anthony


Shirley Anthony is an author, speaker and owner of Marketing Breakthroughs, a marketing consultancy operating for over 20 years.  Having initially gained corporate experience in fast moving consumer goods branding, she has consulted in over 24 industries including cellular, information technology, travel, engineering, food, cosmetics, architecture and banking.  This diverse experience, together with managing her own consulting practice, has given her first hand insight into the challenges business owners face and possible solutions for overcoming them. She shares her own learnings and those from many other entrepreneurs, in a practical and entertaining style.


We all have an entrepreneur somewhere inside us. Do you have the desire to exercise your entrepreneurial spirit?

The world today is filled with opportunities and people are redefining what it means to be an entrepreneur. There are those who have a breakthrough idea and successfully launch it; others see a gap in the market to buy a franchise or an existing business; some establish consulting or advisory services. These are the NEW entrepreneurs and all have in common a passion to pursue a business of their own and have taken action to make it happen.

If you have a yearning to join the ranks of The NEW Entrepreneur but are unsure how to take that first step, this book is for you… If you are already a business owner, you may benefit from its practical tips and the many insights shared by other successful entrepreneurs.

Learn How . . .

To research the potential of your business idea, develop a brand and acquire and retain customers. This practical marketing guide will reveal the strategies that entrepreneurs, who have built sustainable businesses, have implemented to overcome their business and personal challenges.

Gain insights from the likes of Peter Vundla, one of the founders of the first Black owned South African advertising agency, Jenna Clifford, Kevin Hedderwick, Group Chief Executive of Famous Brands, Andy Rice and Ludwick Marishane, Global Student Entrepreneur of the Year in 2011.

In These Pages You Will Uncover . . .

Practical tips and insights for starting, growing and sustaining a business of your own.

  • How to research your business idea.
  • Strategies implemented by successful entrepreneurs.
  • How to write a “living” marketing plan.
  • Tactics to attract and retain customers.
  • How to develop a brand.
  • How to manage difficult business situations and unhappy clients.
  • Tips for managing business areas in which you are not skilled.
  • How digital marketing can grow your business.
  • The benefits of investing in yourself, the business owner.
  • Coping strategies for personal challenges you may face.
  • Ingredients for business success.
  • Winning strategies.