Sheryll M. Pura


Sheryll Pura is a young Urban Interior Design Manager and a committed wife.

She has a Degree in Architecture and experience working in various firms in Manila, Tokyo, and Singapore.

Starting early in the industry as a studio apprentice in 1998 and later on as Design Associate for private design firms, Sheryll developed her technical skills and creative talents working on a wide range of projects; including retail, residential, and hospitality design and project management.

She was granted a full technical scholarship from one of Japan’s largest steel manufacturers, which was undertaken at the Association of Overseas Technical Scholarship’s Main Campus in Yokohama.

In 2007, Sheryll broadened her interests from architecture to interiors, concentrating on what she considers is the highest in the pyramid of interior designing – the hospitality sector. She was mentored by one of one of the best interior designers in the industry, where she learned the finer details of hospitality design, ensuring that each design element became a reality. She undertook projects involving city hotels and beach resorts in different parts of Asia and incorporating her love for traveling and exploring different hotels, she embarked on a mission of immortalizing her travel experiences into her home. With the boom of box-living in condominiums and smaller homes, Sheryll believes that every home can be designed like a hotel suite.


You have made your first home purchase and are ready to move-in… now what? You find yourself constantly browsing magazines, looking for design inspirations, cutting out pictures that catch your fancy – but then are completely lost on how to put it all together.

You always wanted to be a property investor, but can’t even turn your property into a real cash flow machine.

You’ve taken your dream vacation, stayed in a posh hotel that boasts to be your ‘home away from home’ – only to realize your home is nowhere near the sophistication that your hotel room exudes.

How do hoteliers cater for all our needs, when in our homes, we can’t even find where we put our favourite pair of socks? Why is it that even if your space is the same size as a hotel room it’s nowhere near as efficient?

This book will guide you in achieving that relaxed, luxury look and efficacy that every home needs. It will help you build that slice of heaven-on-earth you deserve after a long day’s work – because every workday deserves a vacation.

Learn How…

To identify the full potential of your property not only as your home, but also as an investment. To follow the guidelines of interior designing, which provide easy and practical tips in transforming your home from a blank slate to something you have always wanted.

In These Pages You Will Uncover…

The 8 key secrets that make a hotel aesthetically pleasing with clockwork efficiency – and apply it in your own home.

Think outside the box – unleash the potentials of your home.

  • Make your home a profitable investment
  • Let your unique personality be translated into something you will be proud of
  • Change your perception of space and manipulate it to become your vision
  • Deal confidently with consultants and suppliers who are vital in your home transformation
  • Learn to suitably select materials, furniture and accessories that will work with what you have and what you want – without burning a hole your pocket
  • Be confident to entertain family and friends in the comfort of your home
  • Transform rudimentary chores to something you’ll look forward to
  • Look at your home not only as a place to crash after a tiring day but as a place of comfort
  • Adapt in your home the fondest memories of your travels
  • Feel that every moment in your own home is like a pampered hotel stay

“SUITE LIVING is not only for design enthusiasts but for all of us who want to make our dream home a reality. Easy to read, Sheryll does not burden you with technical jargon but informative and practical know-how, which will make you realize that, ‘Yes! you can have your favourite hotel suite!’ – Jack H. M. Wong, author of Cracking the Entrepreneur Code

“SUITE LIVING all property investors!! Sheryll shares her secrets on how to renovate, rent out and earn a regular income. SUITE LIVING will take a sleeping asset and turn it into a living one. – Sindi Zilwa, author of The ACE Model

What’s so sweet about SUITE LIVING is that it does not sugarcoat design issues that many graphic books do. It will save you money!! Sheryll teaches you how to spend on by understanding your personality first. It will change the way you look at your home and help you put more quality into family time. – Princess Tsakani Nkambule, author of From the Bedroom to the Boardroom