Sheri Lynn Riley


SHERI LYNN RILEY is a freelance writer, singer, lyricist, composer, performer, and speaker with international experience sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Her ability to find humor despite difficult life snapshots—including chronic pain, the death of an infant and miscarriages, adoption, divorce, depression, and her father’s death in a plane crash—will encourage your reflections on God’s masterpiece-work in your life!

Sheri Lynn’s journey as a lifelong learner began with undergraduate degrees in English and Drama Education, M.Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction, K-12 Principal’s Certificate, and as a licensed Minnesota attorney. She’s also worked as a copywriter and actor for radio, film, and television, a motivational speaker, an adjunct college professor, and an inner-city teacher.

Stay tuned for her next book—Prayer Flash! Snapshots of Amazing Grace— which includes more stories of faith from everyday people—and more original songs to encourage your life journey!



Does God hear your cries and care about your pain, or does it feel like His promises are only for a select few – out of your reach? Sure, you know God loves you, but something just doesn’t add up when you look at the circumstances in your life.

In her latest book, Prayer Flash! Snapshots of Abundant Living, author and songwriter, Sheri Lynn Riley uses lyrics from her CD, Trust Him, and presents them as snapshots to explore universal themes. You’ll laugh, cry, roll your eyes, and shout a few heartfelt “Amens!” as you learn to pray in faith and praise each time you approach God’s throne of grace.


Prayer breaks the cycle of hopelessness, fear, and regret. See how God responds to the prayers of His people and start to pray in faith and with praise. God’s power and promises are available to ALL His children. He has never and will never forget you! Begin talking to God like you believe Him.


A more abundant life really is just one prayer away! Always pray in faith and with praise.

  • Experience abundant JOY right now.
  • Recognize TRUTH in a dishonest world.
  • Gain PERSPECTIVE on reality.
  • Find HOPE in God.
  • Live without REGRET.
  • Develop godly SELF-ESTEEM.
  • Avoid ARROGANCE.
  • Overcome PEER PRESSURE.
  • Transform FEAR into FAITH.
  • Make room for PRAISE.
  • Stop judging and live HUMBLY.
  • Stay OBEDIENT to God.

“My husband, Greg, and I have cared for thousands of foster children over the last 17 years in ministry. It is all at once the most rewarding work and the most difficult as we daily witness the devastating consequences of sin. Yet we’ve seen that no matter what background you come from—blessed or completely dysfunctional—everyone struggles and goes through difficult seasons in life. Sheri’s book is a refreshing look at those difficult moments as she speaks candidly about those painful pieces we often try to hide. We pray that God uses her testimony to speak into the lives of others who are struggling and downtrodden, that it will be used to restore and strengthen faith in the lives of those who choose to follow Christ.”
Pam Ayers, founder of GAP Ministries (520) 631-7644

“In Sheri Lynn Riley’s new book Prayer Flash! Snapshots of Abundant Living, Sheri brings to life her beautiful song lyrics and offers the reader encouragement and hope to make it through any tough time. Her raw, authentic, and honest writing will quickly grab your interest and help you relate to her stories as she shares her struggles and triumph. Combined with her special humor, this book presents invaluable insights in a vivid and powerful way that brings peace and hope with a smile. Sheri’s book will help readers of all ages draw closer to the Lord and enjoy a more abundant life in Him.”
Mark Gregston, founder & CEO of Heartlight Ministries, Host of Parenting Today’s Teens radio program

“Don’t wait another day to tap into your abundant relationship with God through faith and love! Prayer Flash! will open your heart to find the light within you.”
Fabienne Slama, author of Renaissance Woman

“We expected a book on prayer to offer recommendations for praying more effectively but never expected to laugh or learn anything new. We were so wrong! You won’t want to put this one down!”
Jarod Anderson and T.L. Anderson, authors of Five Star Mentality

“Sheri Lynn reminds you that in this highly superficial age, “God’s vision cuts through all the masks you parade before the world, penetrating clear to your very soul,” and then she shows you the truth you need to know- God loves you!”
Jeffrey Alan Grinel, author of Don’t Rack Your Brain, RockUrBrain