Sheri Dixon


Sheri Dixon is a certified nutritional consultant with twenty years of experience in practice, twelve of which were spent teaching nutrition to health and sports professionals, based on individual biochemistry. Sheri is a freelance writer and speaker and has given talks for British Airways and the British Football Association. She was a featured nutrition expert in the global Corporate Live Wire Expert Medical Guide in 2015. Live Wire Medical provides senior executives and professionals with insights on new, cutting-edge developments in a range of different areas in the health sector.

Prior to qualifying in nutrition, Sheri enjoyed over twenty years working as cabin crew. This personal aviation experience has given her first-hand insight into the known health risks associated with exposure to cosmic radiation. She has assisted Dr. Michael Kucera in his UK mitochondrial medical practice since 2010. Dr. Kucera is affiliated with the Russian space programme and is an anti-ageing specialist.

Sheri’s diverse experience has given her with a unique perspective on the challenges of the ageing process and how it impacts on our quality of life. This book is an introduction to the cutting-edge field of mitochondrial therapy and anti-ageing. It is written in an accessible format and will inspire anyone who wishes to take back control of their health, to slow down the ageing process to ensure that the second half of life is superior to the first.

Sheri Dixon is registered with the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council, the Nutritional Therapy Council, the British Association of Nutritional Therapists, the Federation of Nutritional Therapy, and the British Holistic Medical Association.


We will all experience the ageing process. This is inevitable. However, dentures, impaired hearing and eyesight, aching joints, and wrinkles aren’t inevitable. It is now possible to understand what causes these symptoms and what accelerates ageing, so we can take steps to control the speed and the extent of the damage.

In short, ageing cannot be stopped altogether, but the process can be slowed so you can maintain a level of health and vitality and a youthful appearance.

If you feel tired, irritable, and struggle to lose weight, or if you lack libido, crave sugars, and are losing your zest for life, then the information in this book may provide the vital key to a permanent solution for you.


  • The one cause of 95 percent of all health challenges.
  • How to make the second half of your life better than the first.
  • How to widen the gap between your chronological age and your biological age.
  • The miraculous effects of a little-known nutrient discovered by the Russians over 100 years ago.
  • How to control the speed and extent of the ageing process and, crucially, how to slow it.
  • How to slash your risk of all the leading causes of death.
  • How to prevent conditions such as heart disease, cancer, diabetes, stroke, and dementia.
  • How to reduce free radical damage, a leading cause of ageing.
  • How to adapt to stress so you can stay cool under pressure.


How to determine your biological age, and the reasons why this may be older than your chronological age. Crucially, you will learn how to regenerate your body at the systemic level so you can become the most youthful version of you.

Learn how to go from degeneration to regeneration based upon cutting-edge research from leading scientists working with russian space medicine.

  • This book contains crucial information for people who are older than they look.
  • This book unlocks the door to cutting-edge anti-ageing secrets that can no longer be kept under wraps.
  • What is the elixir of youth, and what can it do for you?
  • Learn how to heal your stress BEFORE you need a doctor.
  • Learn how to go from degeneration to regeneration.
  • Learn about the mighty mitochondria, what it is and why its health is essential for optimum health, energy, and longevity.
  • Learn why it may be impossible for you to lose weight in spite of a healthy diet and exercise, and discover how to reverse this.
  • Learn how to rewind your body clock to achieve your maximum youthful potential.
  • Learn why all nutritional supplements are not equal and which may be making you sick.
  • Learn what’s hot and what’s not in food and why a one-size-fits-all approach to diet is doomed to failure.