Shaun Bicego


Shaun Bicego is a freelance author with a passion for personal growth and inspiring excellence. Shaun’s personal mission in life is to expose people to an empowered way of living and give them the tools necessary for them to inspire empowerment in to their very own circles of influence.

At the age of 23, Shaun got a phone call that changed his life. That one phone call put him right at ground zero of a tragedy that affected a very close and dear friend and his family. This event allowed Shaun to witness how fragile life can be. It was after this event that he began taking inventory of his own life and of how much control he actually had on his conscious choices. He very soon realized that a lot of his life was being run on autopilot.

Happiness and living a life of servitude were two choices that Shaun decided he needed to consciously choose to strive towards. Once he began on the path of learning how to become truly happy and accepting of all life’s situations he knew that he had found his calling.

Shaun spent the next year and a half completely revamping the way he viewed the world. He sought out mentors from various backgrounds and absorbed all that he could. He knew that to be an effective teacher and leader he needed to become what he wanted to preach.

Shaun’s root passion is learning. He is strongly passionate about learning and constantly improving, but equally importantly is that he is extremely passionate about facilitating the learning for others. Shaun has bared witness to how to smallest mindset shifts can make the largest differences in ones way of living and this is what he seeks to pass on.

Inspiring excellence in others is his vision and is also the legacy that he wants to leave upon this world. The Happiness Effect: Business Without the Headache is one of the ways that Shaun is leaving his impact on the world.


Have you ever noticed how some employees do just the bare minimum, come to work and count down the minutes until they leave? Or maybe this is you? Why do some people come to work, do exceptional work, and do it with a smile? Happiness, they enjoy coming to work and thrive off a happy environment.

Learn how to…
To empower your employees and co-workers and bring them to their very best day in and day out. By creating workplace happiness you will be able to get the most out of your employees without having to risk your employees revolting. You will create a workplace where people will feel comfortable to produce and they will enjoy coming back for more!

In these pages you will uncover…
How the benefits of true happiness will not only affect your workplace, but also how it will rollover into the lives of you and your employees. Happiness is a choice and we will go through several steps to help you consciously choose to bring happiness into your work.

The Happiness Effect is all about bringing your employees together to create a workforce that produces exceptional results while promoting a low stress high smile workplace.


  • Imagine walking into the lunchroom, all of your projects are ahead of schedule or on pace, and all of your employees are laughing and having a good time.
  • How much more productive would you be if you were truly happy at work?
  • You will learn about leadership and how to use your skills to influence a happier workplace.
  • There are very simple tools and strategies you can implement to surround yourself with an abundance of happiness in your life.
  • Most people come and go to work as a means to pay the bills. Let’s change this view and make them see it as more than a ‘job’.
  • Good and clear communication is essential to being happy. There are several ways to ensure that bad communication doesn’t cause unneeded stress!
  • How do you show your employees that you value them?
  • Ways to facilitate the context of the workplace that equally promotes happiness and efficiency.
  • How to positively incorporate laughter into the workplace.
  • Techniques to wrap your entire workforce onto the same page creating a common mindset.
  • Tips to create a safe environment where employees and colleague feel free to share their opinions and be heard.
  • How to take your teams synergy to the next level.

“The Happiness Effect is not about catering to every need of your employees in the pursuit of pleasing them. It is about creating the proper context to allow with natural happiness to flourish and empowering your employees to be the best that they can be by mastering creating conducive work environments for happiness to flourish. Read it if you want to quickly improve your ability to master creating workplace happiness.” – J. Michael Cavitt, Author of The “R” Effect

“This must-have guidebook reminds employers of the need to make sure their employees are truly happy while at work. The Happiness Effect proves that your employees are the front line of your business and their happiness directly correlates to your bottom line. If you want to change your old workplace environment this book will give you effective tools to make an efficient work environment one smile at a time.” – Terry Igharoro, Author of E Mind State

“An inspiring book that will prove to be very useful, not only in all areas of your life, but also in business. It will help you make important decisions about how you view your role in the workplace and you will feel more connected to all your co-workers and subordinates. A brilliant book for business owners and employees.” – Berns David Lucanas, Author of Time Is Up!