Sharon Woo



Sharon Woo has been an educator throughout her professional career.

She started out as a school teacher and moved on to corporate training. She has been training in the financial industry for the last 18 years. During this time, she was conferred a Masters degree (Human Resource Management) and she attained the professional designations of Certified Financial Planner (CFP®), Chartered Financial Consultant (ChFC®) and Chartered Financial Underwriter (CLU®).

In her free time, she is a volunteer coach at self-development programmes to help individuals overcome their limiting beliefs and achieve breakthroughs in their lives.

She is the mother of 3 amazing children – Mikail, Sofia and Noah – who are the shining stars in her life.

In her professional career, she has come across many individuals who achieved Financial Freedom through different means. So she embarked on a quest to interview individuals from all walks of life to record their journey towards financial freedom. This is their story.


Everyone wants to have Financial Freedom but how many people actually get to escape the rat race? Let’s face it, in order to enjoy life fully, you will need both TIME and MONEY freedom!

This no-holds-barred book features interviews with people who successfully made the crossover from a ‘work-until-you-drop’ mentality into pursuing their passion and achieving financial freedom along the way. Learn their strategies and you can have the same level of financial success!

Learn How . . .

People who are Financially Free have radical thoughts about money, jobs and how they spend their time. Get inside the heads of Financially Free individuals and you will see that their thoughts are the key drivers towards their financial success!

In These Pages, You Will Uncover . . .

Achieving financial success is a journey. it requires you to be certain of your ultimate goal (destination) and you will need a road map to keep track of your milestones, and the potholes you will encounter. Learn from people who have successfully made the journey how you can better navigate your own financial journey.

By reading this book, you will start to identify the common success denominators that allow one to be Financially Free. start adopting the key ideas shared in each of the chapters and you will see a change in your financial well-being. you can be Financially Free too!

Learn the following Secrets of the Financially Free.

  • The Money Mindset of the Financially Free.
  • Importance of having Mentors in your financial journey.
  • Change your self-talk to be Financially Empowering.
  • Feed your mind with the right Financial Education.
  • Turn challenges into Motivators for your Financial Success.
  • Learn different strategies to get Financial Freedom.
  • Living beyond your life by leaving a Legacy.
  • Celebrating your Financial Success.
  • Principles and Philosophy of the Financially Free.
  • How to get started on your own Financial Freedom journey.

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