Sharon Fillmore


Sharon Fillmore has been involved in health and wellness for some 35 years, as a registered nurse, as a holistic nutritionist and a network marketer. She has seen changes in health care over the years and has insights into why marketing health and wellness products through Network Marketing has been and continues to be so successful.

Her first brush with Network Marketing came at the young age of 23, back when she thought that to run a networking business, all you had to do was talk to your family and wait for the calls to flood in! Since then she has amassed a wealth of experience and information she would like to share with you.

Sharon has two daughters and a son who she loves spending time with, going camping and traveling with or just to curl up and watch a movie together. Her children have been her inspiration throughout her adult life.

She spends her time building her business, educating people about the benefits of health, wealth and Network Marketing.


Health and Nutrition Companies are more and more choosing a Network Marketing as their business model for selling their products. The Exploding Health Wealth and Nutrition Business explores why this phenomena is so popular and successful. Have a look at what it takes to be a professional Network Marketer, find the Entrepreneur inside you and let her/him out.

Learn how to…
Become a Professional Network Marketer; develop laser sharp focus, determination and vision. Learn the skills of duplication and habits of the high achievers, make them your own, drive your own success by assisting others to be successful.

Anyone can have a successful network marketing business following the advice in this book.

In these pages you will uncover…

The ease of running your own Network Marketing Business from the comfort of your home. That your life can be full yet balanced, there is time for work, play, family and me time. One day when you decide, you will retire and maintain your standard of living. Life really is what you make of it.

In network marketing if you do something right once, it will provide you income for your life.

Follow a step by step program to success

  • See your goal, feel your motivation.
  • Understand the obstacles and how to overcome them.
  • Create a positive mental picture and keep it.
  • Clear your mind of self doubt, see what you can really
  • Embrace the challenge, it’s an adventure.
  • Stay on the right track.
  • Show the world you can do it.
  • Fill your life with your own true wealth.
  • Utilize the plan and duplicate.
  • Leave your legacy.

“The Exploding Health Wealth and Nutrition Business is not about a pyramid scheme, it is about helping people achieve their dreams and mastering the techniques the highest ranking Network Marketers use to train their members.” – Angelina Chng, Author of Crash Course in Making It Big (This Year)

“The Exploding Health Wealth and Nutrition Business showed me how to build a great business using relationship building skills and duplication.” – Comet Tho Wai Heng, Author of Comet Money Matters

“This book is a must have if you are in a Network Marketing Business. You will laugh your way through Sharon’s faux pas, while understanding what it takes to be a professional in this business.”
Igor Klibanov
, Author of Stop Exercising!