Sandi Lindgren, PhD


Sandi Lindgren received a PhD in Professional Coaching and Human Development. She is a licensed independent clinical social worker (LICSW) and a certified professional life coach (PCC) in Minneapolis, MN. Her mission is to support teens, young adults and the professionals serving youth through: individual and group coaching, supervision, training and consultation with professionals and organizations through her company, iSupportYOUth! LLC. Lindgren is certified in Emotional Intelligence inventories through MHS (EQi 2.0, EQ360 and Eqi Higher Ed), VIA Inventory of Strengths and Reach360; and is a Certified Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Executive Coach for both Leaders and Teams.

A public speaker and trainer, Sandi has traveled the globe speaking to various organizations about her mission to inspire and change the lives of young adults and the professionals who serve them. In the past year, Sandi has trained for MH-DHS, OJP, NASW-MN, ICF-MRC and various youth-serving organizations on the topics of: Emotional Intelligence and Leadership, Coaching Skills for Professionals, Group Facilitation Skills, Ethical Decision-Making for Social Workers and Leadership in Culture and Diversity for Trainers and Social Workers. Her curriculum writing includes: coaching skills development, therapy groups, gender responsive programming for girls; Latino youth development and parent/child relationships.

Spanning 35 years, Sandi professional work experience with youth and families includes juvenile probation officer, juvenile detention supervisor, court traffic referee, foster home placement coordinator, emergency crisis shelters for girls, residential correctional work in a wilderness youth program, children’s mental health case management, individual and family therapy, and adjunct faculty of social work in Minneapolis. Bilingual, Lindgren has provided social work and therapeutic services in English and Spanish. Currently, she is the Clinical Director of Children’s Mental Health Case Management for a local mental health clinic, POR Emotional Wellness, LLC., Sandi is also a contracted writer and trainer for the Minnesota Department of Health Services. For further information please visit: or email:


Do you love working with youth, but get frustrated at their lack of motivation? How often have you wished you had more “tools” in your toolbox? Tired of wondering if teenagers you are serving need to see a therapist? Are you frustrated lying awake at night wondering what to do with a certain young adolescent?If you work with youth, or if your organization serves youth, I Support YOUth! is the book for you! Sandi Lindgren walks you through the ins and outs of life coaching and brings you a supportive model perfect for coaching and working with youth.


Research has found that youth who experience coaching have increased self-determination, self-efficacy, self-confidence, and hope while improving their academic performance and building resilience. Increase your effectiveness and success in your work with youth through this breakthrough supportive coaching model.


  • Why coaching youth? How does it work and what’s in it for me?
  • A Supportive Youth Coaching Model: Core Knowledge, Core Principles, and Core Methods.
  • Development stages of youth: early adolescence, middle adolescence, and late adolescence.
  • When should you refer to a mental health professional?
  • What are the ethical considerations for coaching minor youth?
  • ICF core competencies with a youth focus.
  • 15 skills of Emotional Intelligence and how it aids teenagers learning.
  • Insight into what youth coaches need: training, collaboration, supervision, awareness, and cooperation.