Rudi Zimmerer


Rudi Zimmerer and his twin brother were born in July of 1958 as the fourth and fifth children in Duesseldorf, West Germany. Rudi’s childhood was very difficult and as a result, he struggled to learn his mother language and was a stutterer. Despite his suffering, he achieved his first state of satori at the age of 10 while sitting in a tree. Later he began an apprenticeship in telecommunications. During this time he prepared his mind through self-conditioning and positive thinking. He experienced epilepsy, which he believes was a result of the condition of his mind. Even as a child, Rudi could sit very still for up to an hour. After he conditioned his mind to success, he returned to school, made excellent grades and then began to study for electrical engineering.

During this time, he had a near death experience. When he came back into his body, he defined his life anew: his life should be the sum of happiness. Afterward, he began body and feelings-orientated therapy like Bio Energetics, which he combined with the meditations of Bhagwan (Osho). He became a devotee of Bhagwan in 1985, after which he returned to health and became happy and fulfilled. He became a therapist in Bio Energetics and Encounter.

Rudi Zimmerer wrote this book because of the wrong-minded concept that we can change our entire life with only positive thinking. Positive thinking provides only the focus, but we have to first eliminate the negative, suppressed feelings which run against our intentions. If we do not clear them away, they may sabotage our life.


Have you ever wondered why positive thinking didn’t bring the results that you desired? In this book you find out why, and how you can achieve those desired results if you change your belief system after you act, with EFT.

Do you feel the Law of Attraction is not working for you? We attract what is inside of us. So if we change our subconscious with body and feelings-orientated therapy we can attract what we want.

Have you wondered why you don’t experience the fulfilling relationships that you deserve? The reason is your childhood. You will learn how to fix the problems from your childhood that affect your relationships, so that you will attract healthier relationships.

Are you frustrated with your work? This book will provide the strategies on how to change your attitude for tasks what you don’t like until you are really happy with your entire work. And this will work for every other aspect of your life, as well.

You will learn how to change your life in every aspect with feelings and body-orientated therapy combined with meditation.

You will uncover how to experience the love or connection you may not have received as a child. The solution is simple: we learn in small steps to open up our heart, to relax and to remain relaxed with the right meditation and awareness.

You will learn to live a fulfilled live even when many things are running against you. In small steps you will become detached from worldly matters and gain with meditation and awareness true happiness, regardless of the circumstances.

Learn how…

  • How to change your life in every aspect with feelings and body-orientated therapy combined with meditation.
  • How to get back the love or connection you may not have received as a child.
  • How to f eel great love in all your relationships.
  • How to h ave more fulfilling relationships.
  • How to d eal with problems when you are working.
  • How to live a fulfilled life even when many things are running against you.
  • Learn that we manifest in our lives what is inside of us regardless if we are aware of it or not.
  • What is true happiness and true love?
  • You will learn the most effective EFT.
  • You will learn why meditation and body exercise is so necessary for living a fulfilled life.

In these pages you will uncover…

Our subconscious mind is controlling our life, not our conscious mind. We can’t change our subconscious belief systems with our conscious, thinking minds. Seventy percent of our belief systems are programmed through traumas during the first two years of life, and 90 percent of our belief systems are programmed within the first nine years. What if our belief system is not working properly for today’s decisions? Even worse, 80 percent of all our decisions are based solely around avoiding pain. Only 20 percent of our decisions are generated to gain pleasure.

There is a one-way road between feelings and thoughts. This means that feelings are driving our thoughts but thoughts can’t alter feelings. We can only suppress our feelings. If we suppress negative feelings, the negative feelings will pile up, so that we become angry or depressed. We may even experience diseases from suppressed feelings.

The solution is easy. We change our subconscious mind with feelings and body orientated therapy combined with meditation.

Even our worst trauma can be eliminated with EFT, which we can learn to do ourselves. Our thoughts are driven 80 percent on fear but we can eliminate this fear in minutes and get rid of negative thoughts.

  • Read how to change yourself so that you have fun when you are working
  • Learn to understand the opposite sex and to communicate in the right way, without hurting the other partner
  • See why it may be necessary to go your own way in order to become happy
  • Learn what other people think
  • Learn that it is a must to be relaxed in order to get what you want easily
  • Uncover when it is it important and efficient to think and when not to
  • Is there a free will?
  • Get the best methods to dealing with your negative feelings
  • Learn which therapies are effective and which are not
  • Read why religion is so important and that religion is for becoming happy and nothing else
  • Learn to keep up your health
  • Lose your fear of becoming old

”A must read for everyone who wants to really change profoundly from inside. The so-called positive thinking schema will not work for most, because we can’t change the subconscious with only positive thinking.” – Angelina Chng, Author of Crash Course In Making It Big (This Year)

“I love the profound insights in psychology and Eastern philosophy in this book and how easy it is to change our life with the techniques he describes to becoming a better you.” – Cynthia Davis, Author of In Search of Wisdom

“I like how Rudi Zimmerer combined Western and Eastern philosophy in a healthy way, and with the methods of this book we find a better way to enjoy our life.”
Nicole Normand
, Author of Why Not You?