Rosemarie van der Ham


Rosemarie van der Ham has been an entrepreneur for many years. After a career in the fashion business as a saleswoman and buyer, she stepped into her husband’s struggling family business. Within five years she helped the company come back from the brink, all while becoming a mother to three young children. But whist the company — an estate with apple orchids, party venues, and an organic shop — continued to grow and thrive, the marriage suffered.

In 2010, Rosemarie decided to follow her path and to get a divorce. Helping to lead a company whilst also running a large household had made for a fulfilling life, but after her divorce, she chose a new professional direction. As a working author, speaker, and consultant, Rosemarie began to experience a new kind of fulfillment.

A part of the revenue of this book is used to help women in financial need during times of divorce.

What inspired her to write this book:

‘By writing The Bright Side of Divorce, I was able to frame and process an important period in my life. I hope to help, inspire, or to encourage my readers by telling my story’. – Rosemarie van der Ham.


This book is a result of Khaleila Davis’ experience of getting into debt twice, incurring over $100,000, and eventually learning how to get out and stay out of debt. She is convicted to share with others how to avoid being in this situation or, if already in debt, how to resolve the problem. Khaleila helps people manage their personal finances and create wealth not only for themselves but also for the future of the next generation. Zeroing in on financial literacy aligned with Biblical truths, Faith and Funds will empower its readers to be the master of their finances and not the other way around.

Faith and Funds offers advice on the basic elements of obtaining good personal financial habits that align with biblical principles. The author demonstrates through personal experiences how consumers can align spiritual and financial truths to succeed in a society that encourages excessive consumerism.


  • Finally break the cycle of generational poverty, which has limited opportunities for you and your family.
  • Use Biblical principles that provide financial truths, empowering you to remain recession-proof and successful in any economy.
  • Stop making bad financial decisions that limit your progress in getting to the next level.
  • Become empowered through financial and Biblical principles that give you precise guidelines for proper money management.


  • The Faith and Funds path of wholeness.
  • Setting recession-proof financial goals.
  • Customizing the right budget that works for you.
  • Learning the art of saving.
  • The power of financial automation.
  • Getting ahead of debt.
  • Creating generational wealth.
  • The power of financial consistency.
  • Having an umbrella for every storm.
  • Activating God’s blessing through gratitude.