Ro Allen


Ro Allen is an author, entrepreneur, speaker, coach, and personal finance strategist, who advises people with their personal finances and business strategies.

She is a serial entrepreneur and firmly believes in having multiple streams of income. She runs and owns an online retail store with her husband. She also owns a professional services and business consulting firm and manages her real estate company as a real estate investor and a licensed real estate agent.

Her career began as a software engineer, which afforded her countless opportunities to transfer her skills to start businesses and help others. One of her greatest passions is helping others. She uses this same passion and her Midwest work ethic to help her clients meet their needs and accomplish their goals.

She enjoys spending time with family and friends, traveling around the world, indoor and outdoor adventures, golfing (beginner), reading, helping people get their money right and having a good time. She is married to her husband Corey and is a native of Flint, MI.


Many people go through life worrying about the lack of money. They worry about not having enough money to pay for everyday expenses. They don’t have enough money saved for emergencies. It absolutely freaks them out when an emergency arises. Either they can’t pay it, or it’ll deplete what they have saved! Statistics show that most people are two paychecks away from poverty. That’s no way to live! Many people don’t think beyond the next two weeks or the next month and have not thought about investing in their future. Before they know it, they look up and realize they should have started saving earlier in life. Guess what? It’s never too late to start.

Imagine the decisions people would make if they didn’t have to worry about not having enough money to do the things they would like to do. Some people would start businesses or invest. Others would travel the world or become philanthropists. Many would save or buy the house of their dreams. The point is, creating and maintaining wealth empowers us to live out our dreams.

This book provides essential information to help you develop positive money habits and change your life! This book is designed to help you turn your resources, whatever they may be, into wealth.


Build wealth by changing your money mindset, assessing your current financial position and calculating your net worth, establishing your money goals, budgeting and saving, eliminating debt, creating multiple sources of income, giving back and taking action!


Make more money, save more money and worry less!

  • Change your mindset around money and change your life.
  • Assess your finances. Be real and truthful with yourself. You can’t change your future if you’re not honest about your present situation and your attitude towards money.
  • Develop a plan and a roadmap for the goals you want to accomplish. Setting goals help hold you accountable to the change you want to see and experience.
  • Create a budget and be disciplined.
  • Create an emergency fund and be diligent and consistent with your savings.
  • Separate your money by having different accounts.
  • Open interest generating accounts.
  • Learn how to protect your money.
  • Give back.
  • Create multiple streams of income. You never want to depend on one source of income. It’s like putting all of your eggs in one basket.
  • Be confident. Be courageous. Be diligent. Be committed. Be great.
  • Take action.
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