Rikke Wend Hartung


Rikke Wend Hartung is a personal leadership coach, author and international speaker. She has worked with people development, transformational change, communication and learning for more than 15 years. She is the CEO and founder of which offers training, seminars, workshops, mentoring and coaching on courage, confidence and personal leadership.

Originally from a small town in Denmark, Rikke’s path was laid out in accordance with the norm but experience taught her that in order to live a truly happy and fulfilled life, you have to take make your own path, face your fears, find the courage to stand out and take responsibility for creating the life you really want.

She wrote EMPOWERED: How to Turn Fear into Confidence in 21 Days based on her own experience and learnings and founded to empower people with the knowledge, inspiration and support they need to create the life of their dreams.

Rikke’s own inquisitive nature, love of adventure and desire for personal growth has led her to test different lifestyles, live in four different countries, work in multiple industries and undertake a wide field of academic studies in film and media, communication, psychology, sociology, physics, chemistry, astronomy, political science and business. She holds a MA in Film Studies, Communication & Psychology and is a certified personal performance coach.

Rikke has recently embarked on a new adventure in Italy and she blogs about her journey and learnings on


EMPOWERED: How to Turn Fear into Confidence in 21 Daysis a self-help book aimed at people who feel they need to improve their self-confidence and get strategies for how to face and overcome their fears. Rikke Wend Hartung takes the reader on a 21-day journey that is not only one of self-discovery but also one of enjoyment and laughter, with the occasional dragon-spotting expedition!


Turn your fear into confidence so you can step into your personal power and create the life you want and desire.


Learn the practices that will lead you to the life.

  • Decide to face your fears and do it anyway.
  • Bottle your why.
  • Look for what you want to find.
  • Stop doing what doesn’t work.
  • Learn with purpose.
  • Increase your response-ability.
  • Empower yourself with self-talk.
  • See conflict as an opportunity.
  • Celebrate your wins.
  • Create social support systems.
  • Set your power team.
  • Optimise team you.
  • Eat to live and live to eat.
  • Sleep your way to more energy.
  • Increase your physical fitness.
  • Do things at the right time.
  • Dress for success.
  • Smile at the world.
  • Create systems of success.
  • Harness the power of habits.
  • SMASH your way to confidence.

Using humour and easy-to-digest language, this simple book serves up the key points and strategies to improve one’s life in 21 days.