Richard Ng


Richard Ng has over 28 years of working experience, which include years of serving Fortune 500 companies as general manager and senior director.

He has ramped up businesses for more than $500 million in annual revenue and also successfully set up multiple teams with 80% new team members to manage the rapid supply chain growth from less than $100  million  to  over  $2  billion  annually.  Richard  has served many top-tier customers directly and indirectly, including Microsoft, HP, IBM, Huawei, Cisco, Juniper, Kyocera, Motorola, Matsushita Electric, SonyEricsson, NVIDIA,  Pace,  Thomson,  Dyson,  and  many  others. He has operated in various roles, including senior director for business process design and deployment, general manager for a manufacturing factory, internal mentor, business unit director, supply chain director, senior materials manager, planning manager, production superintendent, Six Sigma Black Belt project leader, internal  auditor,  local  system  administrator.  He  was also into lean manufacturing, process engineering, equipment preventive maintenance, test engineering, jig and fixtures designing, quality control, ISO, and super user for SAP implementation. He was a materials handler, driver, and more.

Richard’s experience is invaluable to those who wish to  achieve  business  and  personal  career  success. For this reason, he has been invited to speak at universities and even to government committees.


Many working-class people give up working hard to pursue their dream lifestyle because they do not have clear direction on their career, are unaware of how much they really need for retirement, and do not know how long  it  will  achieve  that  savings.  In  fact,  most  people today think early retirement simply isn’t possible.

Position your career and calculate how long it will take to acquire the retirement savings you need. You might be surprised to find that it will take a much shorter time than you expect if you put these methods to work for your career and retirement planning. Every time the author hit one in his retirement savings, he moved the target to a higher-level lifestyle, employing the simple formula to do so: Speed = Direction / E=MC2 (Mindset x Concentration x Connection). It also includes a tactical formula to calculate the right- size company to work with for your desired income.


  • A career isn’t just a job or a way to earn income, but it is also the vehicle that can drive you to become who you want to be in life. Discover the formula that will allow you to speed up promotions, income growth, and happiness. You will learn your career and happiness are sales transactions for beliefs and feelings, and make use of your boss or being use as a boss to grow your career. Make other people prove to themselves that you are always right. Become a CEO, know your key responsibilities, and make excellent decisions on your career and happiness.
  • Calculate how much money you need for your retirement and learn how long it will take to earn it, as well as the right-size company to help you achieve that desired income. What is your best income stream? What will bring you big money? What simple actions can you take to grow your income by greater than 100%? Know when to change jobs and find the missing link between you and your desired lifestyle. Unlock happiness, good relationships, wealth, health, love; believe in yourself and your future; and then connect all these to create your dream lifestyle!
  • Count your Intangible Good Inventory for your happiness and success. Cautiously select those you will surround yourself with. Last but not least, you will learn how to develop your beliefs into actions that can accomplish the quality of life that you want.


Know the key ingredients for growing your income by more than 100%.

  • Your career is a VEHICLE that drives you to the destination of your life and delivers your happiness, identity, value, and services.
  • Career promotions and income depend on your DIRECTION, clarity, and the energy you put into it.
  • Energy is the multiplying effect of Mindset, Concentration, and Connection
  • Maslow’s human needs: FEELING + BELIEVE
  • Your connection = your RELATIONSHIP = your life
  • Level of SERIOUSNESS = level of success
  • Level of SINCERITY = level of happiness
  • Your QUALITY of work = your quality of life
  • You lose what you don’t use, so remember to USE your boss.
  • The more you know, the more you REALIZE you don’t know, so never stop learning.
  • It is not how big your dream It is how big the AUDIENCES that are connected to your dream that matter.
  • Whether you believe you can or you believe you can’t, you’re RIGHT.

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