Rich Clouse


Rich lives in New Albany, Ohio, with his wife, Dena. He began his career in insurance services for both life and property casualty in 1972. His insurance expertise has expanded to include debt and liability planning, retirement services, and overall macroeconomic planning. He focuses specifically on debt and liability planning for dentists and other business owners who benefit greatly from the ability to control and eliminate both business and personal debts as quickly as possible. Rich successfully integrates the planning process with the areas of insurance, investments, and retirement planning.

Rich is a certified life underwriter and a chartered financial consultant. He has served on the advisory boards and committees of several life insurance companies, offering advice on products and improving client services. He is a registered representative and investment advisor representative with NFP Advisor Services, LLC.

Rich received his bachelor of arts in 1972 from The Ohio State University, where he also served as captain of the baseball team.


The exciting new book, Rich Dentist, Poor Dentist, will help you understand just how much wealth you are losing by making payments on your student, practice, equipment, and real estate loans. These payments are losses, as they will never offer any sort of return. Not only do you lose the payments themselves, but think of all the interest you could have earned on those payments!

The concept of capitalization/banking to control your cash and cash flow will put you in control of your major purchases for your practice in the future.

The comparison between borrowing from the bank or the equipment company, paying cash, or having your own capital account will surprise you. As you discover the benefits, you will surely wonder why no one has explained this strategy and concept to you before. Let me ask you a question: Would you prefer to send all your payments to the banks or make those same payments to accounts you control? Rich Dentist, Poor Dentist will help you see how you can do that, so you can collect those profits instead of passing them off to others.

You can have a powerful system for building wealth while eliminating debt. If you have been in practice for a number of years, you probably did not anticipate the continuing costs of keeping your business in tune with advancements and technological changes. Do you think this will slow down or become less expensive? No! The solution is the power of capitalization planning, which will provide you with a reliable system that will help you manage these inevitable future cost increases. Not only that, but it will also help you develop additional tax-free income for retirement.

As your system evolves, you will loan money to your practice to pay off loans or to cover new purchases. The old payment that would have been paid to the bank is now sent to your personal account, and your practice can take the same tax deduction. The difference is that you are receiving the payments, so the money will grow for you and not for the bank. We will be there every step of the way to provide you and your accountant with everything you need for this profitable change. Rich Dentist, Poor Dentist will set you on a financial road that will carry you to a position in which you are in control of cash flow and debt, in a way you never thought possible before. Sink your teeth into this new, exciting way to look at today’s and tomorrow’s debts and bank on those profits instead of letting the banks profit off of you!

Learn How To…

Break the cycle of dental practice debt and the recurring need to go into more debt to purchase up-to-date equipment. In short order, you will see the power of capitalization planning. This is a powerful system that will help enable you to eliminate your dental practice debt while saving more for retirement.

In These Pages, You Will Uncover…

  • If there was a better and more efficient way to pay off your debts, when would you want to know?
  • Capitalization provides you with money you control and can use.
  • We all know what we know – or at least think we do. This book will teach you a better, faster way to eliminate your debts.
  • Do you have more ways to pay for your major purchases, other than borrowing or paying cash? The goal of Rich Dentist, Poor Dentist is to teach you 2 ways that will let you keep money that would have gone to institutions that loaned you the money.
  • The book compares common but too often unknown ways to pay for your major purchases, giving you options you weren’t aware you had.
  • Capitalize by putting LUC (liquidity, use, and control) of your money on your side!
  • Money is slippery and hard to hold on to. You must earn it, pay taxes on it, and decide where to put it. This book will help you determine how to keep the most out of what you’ve worked so hard to earn.
  • Think of all those equipment payments you’ve made on those loans you took out. Wouldn’t you love to be able to recycle that money and use it again, to invest back into your business and/ or your retirement? Are those lending institutions ever going to give any of those payments back? No, but this book will teach you how to use the same money over and over again!
  • My dentist clients have paid debts off sooner, saved interest, purchased more equipment, bought their own buildings for their dental practices, and still had money that helped produce tax-free income. You can have the same success by using capitalization strategies.
  • Have banks and equipment companies made too much money off of you? From student, equipment, real estate, practice, car, and all sorts of loans, it is likely that you’ve lined their pockets nicely while emptying your own. With these proven capitalization strategies, you can keep the money you earn instead of giving it to the banks.