Reginald Larry-Cole


Reginald Larry-Cole was raised in the Northern Province of Sierra Leone. His father was the first black managing director of a major multinational tobacco company, which enabled his family to live in luxury.

Due to the political and societal climate in Sierra Leone during the 1970s, Reg’s father had the misfortune to lose his business leading to a loss of self-esteem, becoming insular and withdrawn. The inability to provide for his family resulted in the breakdown of his marriage.

After watching his father suffer, Reg was determined to make his life and the lives of others better.

Reg has achieved his greatest business accomplishment to date by establishing the world’s first car leasing company, which is funded by people for people.

Buy2Let Cars provides investors with a place to invest their money and their sister company, Wheels4Sure, offers customers the chance to lease a brand-new vehicle, while PayGoCars Ltd. provides a high standard of pre-owned vehicles for sale.

Reg has recently extended his portfolio this year with two further companies; Lifestyle Bids, a luxury reverse auction site, and Cotton Tree Entertainment & Restaurants.

While watching his children grow into clever, intelligent young people enjoying life, he decided to set up The OMAC Foundation in honour of his father’s memory. It provides full scholarships and support for 150 students, covering St. Edwards Secondary School, Freetown and St. Francis Secondary School in Makeni, both of which are situated in Sierra Leone.

Reg finds the undertaking of providing resources and funding to the students immensely satisfying, knowing that knowledge will enhance their lives.

Throughout his journey, Reg holds onto his principles not to use opportunities to make money at the expense of others. He is a great believer in Compassionate Capitalism because it’s all about the win/win enabling him to achieve his dreams.

What do you want to achieve from life? Wealth? Happiness? Helping others? I have achieved all this and more!


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