Raymund Pang


Raymund has 20 years’ experience in managing businesses. This includes managing a Mercedes Benz authorized dealer as the dealer principal. He has diverse work experience from oil and gas industry, insurance and automotive. As a member of the Toastmaster movement, he has served as the capacity as the area governor and club president. He believes that in order to grow, one must continue to challenge himself to learn and adapt to a new experience.

Occasionally, he is a volunteered speaker for young teenagers in school and believes in shaping young minds for the future. He was involved in the various organization in school as well in the church which involves youth.

Currently, he is an active runner and recently completed his full marathon in the Borneo International Marathon 2018. His personal transformation to an active life has been his conviction of his new found passion for nutrition and healthy lifestyle. Due to this, it has led him to open a nutrition club in the community. He and his wife now coach others to live a healthy lifestyle.

He was a certified trainer for Neuro-Linguistic Programming from NFNLP and used the technique successfully to quit smoking 10 years ago. He is an ardent learner since young he has attended seminars by Dale Carnegie, Dr. Steven Covey, T. Harv Eker and many more. He still frequently attend seminars that focus on personal growth.

Raymund and Anna’s eldest son, Ryan, was born with Down syndrome. Being the firstborn, it has filled them with mixed emotions. Raising him has its challenges, especially with Ryan’s motor skills, language development, mood swings and social acceptance. However, such trying times were equally filled with joy and laughter. Raising Ryan has taught the author to accept people for who they are and without judgment. Now, Raymund’s goals in life include empowering others to discover their passions, building a community that supports one another, being a great role model for the family and traveling worldwide to experience different cultures.


Most people will tell us the key to success in life is to set big goals and pursue it relentlessly until you achieve it. What if the upon reaching the top of the ladder, you realize you are leaning on the wrong wall. Instead of feeling happy in the achievement, you still feel a certain void inside. We then start pursuing other goals with the hope of this time it is going to be different. But we soon find out ourselves experiencing the same doldrums in our life. In this book, you will discover:

  1. Why it is important to pursue balance in life to support your dream goals? Create a life of brilliance—learn key questions to uncover the diamonds within you.
  2. Reasons to develop your leadership skills: Turn your mental and emotional stress into fuel for growth, transforming your imperfection into a strong motivation to succeed.
  3. Why some people who achieved success but only to fill emptiness? Instead of pursuing material and wealth goals, focus on bringing balance in your life.
  4. Why do people get up feeling unexcited and unmotivated? They have not yet discovered what fuels them—their inner passion, unique gifts and perspectives in life.
  5. Why are some people not experiencing joy in their life? Our purpose is to grow and contribute to the world.
  6. There is nothing special about me? I am just like everyone else. We are all unique with our specific calling in life. We were not created just to exist, but to make a difference.
  7. Why do some people allow fear to hold them back? Start building on self-confidence by taking small actions consistently until the fear threshold is overcome.


Overcome your fear by taking small actionable steps consistently until your self-confidence grows in you.

We pursue all kind of goals. If you find that after attaining the goal there is emptiness or a feeling of “is that it?” Perhaps you are focusing on the wrong thing. Achieving balance in life is the key to enjoy your successes.

Some of us, refuse to acknowledge that we are unique and special. How we see ourselves determines whether you will find happiness in your life. We are all unique and have a specific calling in life. Find that purpose,and you will live a life filled with inner joy and peace.


  • How to unearth your passion in life.
  • How to create a sustainable success.
  • Turn your mental and emotional stress into fuel for success.
  • Focus on achieving balance in your life first then all other goals will fall into place.
  • Discover your uniqueness and use it to make a difference in the world—you are the key to unlocking your special needs child’s potential.
  • We were all born unique, and it is up to us to develop our uniqueness so we can touch the world positively.
  • We are our own life author, director, and actor. We have the power to create the story of our life.
  • We must learn to lead our lives before we can lead others.
  • Blaming others, excuses, and complaints only disempower you.
  • Being a great leader is about building up people, and not only managing them.
  • We are called to live an extraordinary life, never out of complacency.
  • Mental and emotional stress is part of our life.
  • Take control and turn it into fuel for growth.
  • Your thoughts shape your future.
  • Choose your thoughts carefully.
  • What you focus on gets energized.
  • See everyday as an opportunity to start over again.