Rathiga Kathervallo


Since 2006, Rathiga Kathervallo has gathered extensive knowledge on the stress of a paradigm shift in global economy and an uncertain job market, as well the performance secrets in earning a higher income. After graduating with her master’s degree, she served as a business partner in a recruitment company for over a decade. With a great wealth of corporate experience in the fast-moving employment world, Rathiga has consulted in more than twenty industries, including electronics, manufacturing, automobile, food, information technology, engineering, medical, security, logistics, media and entertainment, and warehousing. This diverse experience, together with managing her own consulting practice, has provided her with firsthand insight into the challenges people face in their careers, as well as possible solutions for overcoming them. She is happy to share the lessons she’s gleaned from her own life, as well as those learned from many other experts, all in a practical, entertaining style.


We all work in environment of competition and expectation, constantly under a wave of demands. Oftentimes, we fail to meet those demands, even when our income is at stake.

Are you facing this kind of problem? Are you uncertain that you have the right job? Are you a good fit for what you are being asked to do? Do you constantly feel stressed, tired, or demotivated to go to work? Do you find yourself unable to enjoy anything about your job situation? Maybe you keep moving from job to job, not sure what you need to do to earn the extra income you need.

If any of this applies to you, stop! It is time to unleash yourself. You really can step up to the peak of your career by putting in a little extra effort, using the skills you already have, and polishing the not-so-shiny edges. Believe in yourself, have gratitude, and focus on your goals and the desires buried deep within. Bring it all out, dust it off, polish it, and rise and shine.

You can make it happen, and You’re Hired! is dedicated to those leaders who are willing to ignore all the negative voices that are stopping them from the challenges and transformations necessary to help them achieve a higher income. Finally, you can identify what is required for you to be the best performer and create a life and career that will give you the greatest rewards. Leave the rest and be the best!


  • Finally come out of your shell, identify yourself, and focus on your achievement.
  • Ask questions and assess yourself before being assessed.
  • Improve all the skills within you to enable you to be the best performer you can be.
  • Gain recognition, attract others, and build your personal brand.
  • Acquire the best skills to take the lead in your journey toward success.
  • Use all your skills to connect with your bosses and move them according to your desires.


Everything you desire is within you. Unleash the skills. Build yourself and earn what you want. Ask, believe, and receive.

What do you need to do in order to become who you want to be? Enhance the skills within you and make them work for you in a positive manner. Attract everything you desire, love what you do, and connect with others so you can inspire them to action and a higher income too.

  • What makes you the best performer and separates you from the rest in your career and industry.
  • Performance is the key to success and earning a higher income.
  • Identify your flaws and correct them.
  • Position and brand yourself to achieve credibility.
  • Identify all the important skills that will make you shine.
  • What are the tools needed to polish your skills?
  • Attract managers who will promote you career advancement and remuneration.
  • Live drama-free, without making too many demands on others.
  • Be your most authentic self while still being the best.
  • Be grateful for what is received or rewarded.
  • Discover the benefits of investing in yourself and coping with any challenges you have to face.

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