Radin Ikram


Radin Ikram is an author, business coach, and owner of several businesses, with a very successful track record in management, personal development, entrepreneurial coaching, and business-building, both for his own companies and in the small and medium-sized SME business market.

Upon graduating as an engineer thirty years ago, Radin started his career in engineering and progressed to operations, management for several multi-national corporations (MNCs). His major accomplishments include the transfer of manufacturing operations from the USA, Europe, and Asia to Penang, Malaysia. He also led the development and establishment of a full manufacturing and supply chain system infrastructure in the new manufacturing plant. In the process, Radin learned about systems and human resource management and how to effectively manage resources.

During his corporate tenure, Radin became interested in personal development and became an in-house trainer. He soon expanded his interests and became a freelance trainer, providing training and coaching for managers and entrepreneurs for the Malaysian Institute of Management (MIM) and other training providers.

After spending fifteen very fruitful years in the corporate world, Radin decided to sack his boss and venture into the world of business. He took up the challenge to become a franchisee of a top business-coaching franchise and provided business and executive coaching services to SMEs, as well as MNCs. Radin was named as the top business coach in Malaysia in 2008 and also has claimed to several other awards.

Together with his wife, Dr. Rosita Ramli, Radin also set up Pearl Maternity Hospital, a 100 percent privately owned maternity hospital in Penang, Malaysia. Since 2006, Pearl Maternity has serviced the community and successfully built a reputation in the local health community.

Having lived and worked in Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, the USA, and the UK, Radin has a unique and broad understanding of the challenges and opportunities that exist for businesses, whether they be small or large organisations. Radin’s passion is for coaching and personal development, and he wants to see people reach their maximum potential. He prides himself in being able to inspire and bring out the best in the people he works with.

Radin makes himself at home in Penang and is a happy father of four children. He maintains a fit and healthy lifestyle and participates in running and road-cycling events.


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