Queen Nkomo


Queen Nkomo is a Life Transformation Coach, a facilitator, trainer and a consultant. She is the CEO of Changing Levels Institute, a personal development training company that specializes in launching leaders to their next level of success by reconnecting them to their personal power and purpose. Her areas of interest are in leadership training, transition coaching for work readiness, management readiness, career change preparedness, as well as transitioning from corporate employment into entrepreneurship. Her clients range from individuals and entrepreneurs to managers at all levels to non-profit organizations and corporations. She brings a wealth of knowledge and experience from her 14 years spent in a corporate career, where she made a name for herself by becoming one of the pioneers of the first innovative cell phone banking solution in South Africa.


Brimming with nuggets of wisdom and words of inspiration,The Super Achiever’s Syndrome sets out a way to escape the common definitions of success that often stifle us. The failure to do what makes your heart sing can have negative emotional and physical consequences. Many professionals experience dissatisfaction and discontent even as they reap the rewards of lucrative and prestigious careers. To be truly “successful”, you need to align with who you really are.

Queen Nkomo outlines a path for you to follow, to keep your dreams from being crushed by fear, the love of comfort and self-doubt. If you are a super achiever who supposedly “has it all”, yet you find yourself wanting something more, read this book to learn how to break free from your current status quo. With The Super Achiever’s Syndrome, you can transition to a way of being successful that brings harmony of mind, heart and spirit.


  • Reconnect to your powerful inner self, where the secret of your success lies.
  • Switch from surviving to living and thriving.
  • Take back the reins of your life, stop being externally driven and SHOW UP authentically in your life.
  • Reset your definition of success so that it allows you to exploit your potential while gaining financial wealth.
  • Be grounded as you pursue success, and avoid being driven by other people’s agendas.
  • Get out of your own way and manage your habits of self-sabotage.
  • Identify things that no longer serve you, and learn how to walk away from them.
  • Prepare and plan for transitioning your life and/or career into what you desire.
  • Prepare for living outside your comfort zone and know what to expect out there.


  • The truth behind some of the inexplicable frustrations that you are facing at work despite your success, and why your job/career is no longer working for you. In addition, how to handle this season in your life.
  • Tips and tools that will help you escape the vicious cycle of chasing meaningless success, and enter a life of purpose, contribution, and fulfilment where success chases you.
  • A new way of thinking about success, how to pursue it without “selling your soul” and still achieve great success.
  • How to prepareand plan for a major life change that takes you outside your comfort zone, into the unknown and yet magical world of endless possibilities.
  • The value of going back to the basics of following your heart, embracing your true identity, leveraging your strengths, and ultimately living with purpose.
  • How taking back the responsibility for your life and actively participating in its steering can release you from playing small and open you up to being powerful and unstoppable.
  • The power of your uniqueness and how it holds the key to your greatness.
  • Drastically change the things that you pursue and spend your time and energy on.
  • Foundational principles of pursuing success, and how to remain grounded in your journey towards it.
  • How your mantra “never give up” doesn’tmean you should never walk away from things. Learn that it actually means balancing between holding on and letting go for the sake of a course.
  • The different ways that we tend to sabotage our own success because of the unchecked stories and lies that we tell ourselves.
  • The importance of leaving first with your mind while you set and execute on a full plan that will allow you to leave physically with minimal disruptions.
  • The different phases of life outside your comfort zone and how to successfully go through each phase without losing your mind.

“It’s rare to find such honest advice in such an accessible format. It shows us that sometimes, our motivation to succeed comes from a plea for others’ approval. Hard work and success should be viewed as a way to actualize ourselves, our spirit, our potential. This book will surely be a classic, because it rings a bell to every person in the room.”
—Jarod Anderson and T.L. Anderson, authors of Five Star Mentality

“What a fantastic, straightforward, and honest book. Congratulations, Queen! You wrote from the heart what everyone has experienced in their lives in one way or another. A very practical guidebook on how to REALLY live life after the glory (and at times, misery) of achievement.”
—Franky Ronaldy and Meow Ling Ng, authors of Life Sucks!

“So many people fail to realize that achievements are not the be-all and end-all of living. They’re missing out on a whole lot of things! Reading Queen’s heartfelt stories and key learning points will help anyone open their eyes, do something about their circumstances, and begin the business of real living.”
—Michelle Watson, author of Overcome and Rise Above

THE SUPER ACHIEVER’s SYNDROME cuts straight to the chase on what you need to do to move out of the cycle of meaningless success and step into an abundant, fulfilled life. This is a book that moves away from the glory of achievement, moving towards the real essence of living. An eye-opener!”
—Ahmad Duranai B. Arch., MBA, OAA, BTC, author ofThe Leadership Zone