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Princess Tsakani Nkambule is a prominent business woman whose lifelong ambition is to share experiences with other women on how to achieve optimum balance at work and at home. As the Group CEO of a conglomerate, she juggles her role as a loving wife and caring mother to her modern family and her royal responsibilities as Princess of N’wamitwa and the Shilubana kingdoms.

She is a leader in various business organisations and a gracious philanthropist as founder of the Princess Tsakani foundation, which cares for hundreds of orphans. She is also a sought after motivational speaker who continues to inspire the youth and women.

Her multifaceted experiences have contributed much in discovering practical tools that any woman can use to regain control of her life; maintain a balance and lead a highly successful and fruitful life both at home and at work.


Ever wondered if you could ever achieve success in your bedroom, at home, conquer the boardroom and win big anywhere? Startling statistics to ponder upon:

  1. Women earn 1% of the world’s properties.
  2. Women earn 10% of the world’s income.
  3. Women work 2/3 of the world’s working hours

This grim picture confirms the fact that generally, women do not have a fair share of the world’s wealth. In spite of various initiatives that governments and industries worldwide have embarked upon in an effort to level the playing field, women still do not have a place around the boardroom. Did you know that women make up 40% of the global labour force? But they do not enjoy equal access to economic opportunities. It is not a surprise then that women spend more time in household and child care activities and less time pursuing economic activities.

As mothers, wives, daughters and community leaders we are pulled in all directions and without a “guide” we can only resign ourselves to mediocre success. We settle for less while we break our backs trying to hold marriages and families together and doing our best to make it in this fast changing world of business. Without help, we resign ourselves to just “getting by” and not “getting GREAT”.

You do not have to follow the crowd, dare to be different! Every woman has in her the strength and confidence to lead a magnificent and awesome life. It is simply a part of our genetic makeup! You can earn respect and make the money that you deserve and still enjoy a happy and rewarding life at home. YES, you can achieve that elusive balance that is the topic of all women’s conversations and learn the simple secrets to HAVING IT ALL.

This is a book for ALL women; young and old, single and married, career women, stay at home moms and entrepreneurs who strive to create balance and success in all areas of their lives. It will allow you not only to take better care of your family but to achieve financial success and avoid the money mistakes that prevent many women from achieving financial freedom.

“The one regret I hope none of us will ever face is the regret of ignoring our own financial interests and allowing someone else to dictate what they think is best for us”
– Kim Kiyosaki

Learn how to…

  • Overcome challenges of finance, career and business and gain financial
    security for your family; and still have time to build a rewarding and
    balanced home with happy, pro-active children and a supportive and committed
  • Unfrazzle your life and create highly efficient and effective teams at home and at work.
  • Train your brain and create new beliefs and learn the secrets to lifelong financial success.

In these pages, you will uncover…
Achieve personal mastery in the bedroom and boardroom and earn respect and the money that you deserve anywhere.

  • Choose your battles and win the war- PLAY to win.
  • Develop confidence and a problem solving mind-set in the bedroom and the boardroom.
  • Create and enhance your brand at home and work- BRAND YOURSELF.
  • Stop making excuses and make wise choices that will make your life at home and in business great.
  • Follow up on your plans, measure progress and stay on course.
  • Harness your energy and live a healthy, vibrant and sexy life.
  • Take care of family and work and create a sense of security, safety, confidence and loyalty.
  • Master ‘money and relationships’ with kids and spouse.
  • Communicate effectively at home and work.
  • Adapt to the changing needs of life at home and in business; and remain relevant.
  • Create and maintain networks at home and in business to enhance your productivity.
  • Deal with fear and develop resilience and emotional intelligence at home and work.
  • Create assets and have a multi stream income.

From the Bedroom to the Boardroom is not just about working hard and spending all your time looking after your work and family. It is about the principles of great performance that are critical in achieving outstanding achievement ANYWHERE and learning how to create and enhance your value and earn love, respect, happiness and the money that you deserve. Read it if you want to quickly and permanently change your life and make it AWESOME.” – Zheng Libin, author of Wealthy Women

The ultimate goal all women strive for is financial independence and a happy and rewarding family life. This book will not just help you to have a balanced life but it will completely transform your life from just “getting by to getting great”. A profoundly important book for every woman who wants to learn the secrets of having it all. – Patsy Goh, author of Retirement Reset

Learn and master the fundamentals that are key to achieving success at home and at work. Read this book if you want to quickly learn the super techniques of winning in the boardroom and creating effective teams at home and at work.
Krysta Woo
, author of 7 Habits of Highly Profitable Practitioners

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