Peter Ong


Inspired by an article when Intel came to invest in Penang, Malaysia at the early years of 1972, the message from Intel Management was: “If we invest here, we need strong SMEs to grow ours.” Deep inside his heart, Peter has one big question: why world class organization and MNCs are successful and sustaining and yet many SMEs are struggling constantly?

For over 25 years, this question has inspired Peter Ong to study, research, and analyze what makes MNCs more successful and what makes SMEs in on-going survival mode? Through his valuable experience working with MNCs from USA, Japan and Europe, he had the opportunity to communicate directly with thousands of suppliers, MNCs and SMEs, from diverse industries and different countries.

Peter discovered that in average, 99% of enterprises in most developed countries are from SMEs and Small Business such as USA, Japan and Germany. Malaysia’s SMEs are 98.5%. In general, SMEs and Small Business in majority of countries are above 95%. From his analysis and conclusion, he observed there is a positive correlation between a sound economy and a strong SME base. All the above are the culminating reasons Peter decides and commits his life purpose to help SME outperform!

Since Peter started his own training and consultancy company in 2004, it gave him the opportunity to reach out to wider SME base by listening empathically to their challenges. Along the line, he always strives to help SMEs to grow and perform better. His accumulated experience provides him the big picture of SMEs and eventually Peter innovates this “Bullettrain” concept. His first book is “The Bullettrain Entrepreneur” and subsequent series are in the plan. Peter has a strong belief that to perform is not sufficient but SMEs need to outperform in this ever-changing and highly connectivity internet world. Delivering the commencement speech to the graduates of Stanford University in 2005, Steve Jobs ended his speech by saying: “Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish.”


Millions of Entrepreneurs are juggling with matters related to money, management, marketing, manpower and method day in day out, continuously.

  • Thousands of entrepreneurship books are related to HOW to improve money, management, marketing, manpower and method for entrepreneurs.
  • Yet, according to U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, data on establishment age shows that 49% of small businesses survive 5 years or more; 34% survive 10 years or more; and 27% survive 15 years or more.
  • Do you have the “Master Pillars” to build your house? Definitely, yes.
  • Do you have the “Master Pillars” to build your business?

Learn how to…

  • Finally, a phenomenal and thought-provoking book that reveals the “5 Master Pillars” to guide you along your entrepreneurship journey with a clear compass towards your Vision.
  • You will be excited and enlightened to discover the masterpieces of “5 Master Pillars”.
  • In The Bullettrain Entrepreneur, Peter Ong shares with you the “5 Master Pillars” which will make clear your thought and vision WHY you are in this business, WHAT you need to add extra values to your customer and HOW to do it by achieving more with less time, resources and stress.

In these pages you will uncover…

  • Why Purpose is extraordinarily crucial for your business’ survival, success and sustainability?
  • How to leverage Purpose in order to outperform in your marketplace?
  • Why People is the greatest asset and yet the greatest headache?
  • How Bullettrain Entrepreneur drive People to deliver whole-heartedly, no matter what?
  • Why Process is the low cost investment and yet many entrepreneurs fail to focus on it?
  • How to TRIPLE your time, space and resources with the strategic weapon: Process?
  • Why Performance Measurement leads to better control and improvement?
  • How to achieve Performance Excellence through the 5E Model?
  • Why Profit through People with Purpose?
  • How a Balanced and Aligned Business with Harmony leads to Entrepreneur’s Success?

“The Bullettrain Entrepreneur is a must read for aspiring entrepreneurs who seek insights on how to grow their businesses. Filled with real world experiences – this practical book offers helpful tips, pitfalls to avoid, and intelligent opinion about how small-to-medium enterprises can traverse the many challenges of growing a business successfully.” – Cheng Ping Keat (PK), Group Chief Executive Officer – Khind Holdings Berhad

“By articulating how successful entrepreneurs turned their ideas into reality, Peter presents a compelling message to SME owners. Longevity through integration of five master pillars of business is the central theme of his book. Peter’s narrative addresses pertinent issues from the birth of big ideas to purposefulness and continuous improvement. He makes it clear that people must be prioritised from the get-go and this sets the tone for an insightful account of shared success.” – Dato’ Peter Ng, UCSI Group Founder and Chairman

“The Bullettrain Entrepreneur is a good read with many inspiring stories of real-life entrepreneurs overcoming obstacles through values they adopt over time. I believe these stories will inspire the new generation of entrepreneurs to step out of their comfort zone and take on opportunities to become the next Bullettrain Entrepreneur.”
Joel Neoh
, Founder of Groupon Malaysia, International Vice President & Head of Groupon Asia Pacific