Peter Koukoulas


Peter Koukoulas is an author, speaker, and mortgage consultant expert, with sixteen years of experience under his belt. Having initially gained a vast, extensive knowledge in the mortgage industry, he has helped thousands of people with their finances.

Peter is passionate in assisting and understanding people, equipping them to build a better quality of life for themselves and find financial freedom. He actively shares his own learning experience and those from many other entrepreneurs, in a practical, entertaining way.

Peter came to Australia in the early nineties and lived in a housing commission with his mother. He had no money at all, so he worked various jobs to make ends meet and support the two of them. His life changed years later, when he decided to move out and rent a place of his own. That was the first brave step in a series of actions that significantly improved his life.

He eventually started working for Commonwealth Bank as a customer service consultant and earned minimum wage. In time, he moved up the corporate ladder and eventually landed himself in a home loan sales and service role, where he learned a fair amount of knowledge about mortgages. Peter’s five-year track record with Commonwealth Bank led him to become one of the top mortgage experts in his field.

Over the last decade, Peter has endeavoured to help customers and gain an understanding of their needs. He has brought more than $500 million worth of business to National Australia Bank in mortgages, as well as in various other products. Peter continues to help clients reduce their mortgages whilst also building investment portfolios with his unique, tailored strategies.

In 2011, Peter was recognized as the number-one mobile lending expert and was awarded the highest recognition at National Australia Bank. He continues to help his existing and new clients to prosper and move forward. He considers himself fortunate to work alongside intelligent, skilful entrepreneurs with whom he can discuss different options strategies and structures and learn more about the road to financial prosperity—information and advice he gladly passes on to his clients.

Peter worked for years in the mortgage field without owning any property himself. Now, years later, he boasts a multimillion-dollar portfolio and consults clients in how they can do the same. Peter is a serious, professional, astute investor, passionate about helping others achieve their dreams and goals. He is a self-motivated person who thrives on success, seminars, self-education, and personal development.


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