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Dr. David Hargroder is a graduate of LSU Medical School. He completed his surgical residency at LSU Medical Center in Shreveport, Louisiana, and completed his kidney/liver transplant fellowship in 1993. He has been in private practice since 1993 and served as vicechairman and then chairman of the Department of Surgery at Mercy Hospital in Joplin from 2008 through 2012. He currently serves as chairman of the division of General Surgery. He is a trauma surgeon, general surgeon, and bariatric surgeon and was the first surgeon trained to perform the Mini-Gastric Bypass by Dr. Robert Rutledge, the founder of the Mini-Gastric Bypass procedure.

For nearly two decades, Dr. Hargroder has worked with, studied, and helped people struggling with obesity. He is quickly becoming known as “America’s Weight Loss Doctor” and is loved by patients literally around the world! His compassionate approach to each of his patients and depth of knowledge concerning those who struggle with obesity is without rival.

In addition to a thriving weight loss practice, Dr. Hargroder is a sought after speaker/trainer, and travels both nationally and internationally to help teach and advise other surgeons and medical professionals about not only the scientific side of weight loss, but also the “Human Side” of those who struggle with obesity.


Many professionals fear the raging storm of retrenchment in the workplace – dreading that they will be let go after cutbacks and downsizing, and may have to start over again. In the last two-to-three decades, working professionals have been hit hard by retrenchment; no one wants to see it coming, and it’s difficult to prepare for. Retrenchment of Professionals, Managers, and Executives (PMEs) in their 40s and 50s is a common occurrence, and at this age, finding other employment with similar pay and benefits can be a daunting undertaking. For many, it’s an impossible task.

“What can I do if I’m retrenched?” This is a question that keeps many professionals up at night.

Having personally experienced the axe, and with many friends and former colleagues who have faced similar consequences, I offer you Retrenchment Proofing! To free yourself of the fears of retrenchment, you‘ll need the right mind-set and a war chest of key professional skills. This two-pronged approach to professional development can see you through the raging storm of retrenchment should it blow your way.

Learn How To . . .

  • Embrace a retrenchment-proof mindset.
  • Build a war chest of skills that are relevant to the marketplace.
  • Follow proven steps to help keep you stay afloat and on solid ground.

In These Pages You Will Uncover . . .

Stay future-ready in your career planning in the face of a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous corporate world. Learn the tools you will need to endure retrenchment.

  • Learn about the forces that trigger retrenchment in the marketplace today.
  • Learn to predict retrenchment markers before they become a real threat.
  • Discover trends in the job market by taking a macro view: By 2030, what kind of jobs will be hot and what types of jobs will disappear?
  • Uncover the skills you will need to survive a changing future.
  • Learn which phase in the enterprise life cycle your company or business unit is in, and predict where job culling is likely to take place.
  • Learn financial planning tips that will help you stay retrenchment proof.
  • Learn about the retrenchment proof mind-set, allowing you to overcome negative emotions and turn a crisis into an opportunity.
  • Learn to overcome worries and fear after retrenchment and how to move on towards positive outcomes
  • Learn where and how to look for valuable new job opportunities, how to secure interviews, or how to become a successful entrepreneur.
  • Learn how you can retire younger and embrace active living according to your own passions.